Sunday, November 30, 2008

Greyhound greeting cards

Liz needed 12 holiday themed thank you cards for the vet who works with GREAT. We had fun (well, I hope she had fun too) creating these cards. Some are non-traditional colors while other are all-in with the red and green.

ThUD: Do you need any personalized, custom cards? Check
...just email me.... I'm busy making orders for the holidays and will fill your order too.
thanks for your support... shelley

I needed a change in my weather....

...and Eric Lindell provided that in a big way last night at Skipper's.
look at those dimples... .smile

Eric, Bailey, and Kat.

Mercy Me.

Bailey, Liz, and Kat.

Scott, Eric, and Liz.

Bailey and Tracy May in the background. I think that you will soon be able to view many pics of Eric here:
Videos available on You Tube.
Here is the link to the July show at Skipper's. DIfferent band, Eric with facial hair...still the showman with the big grin.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bailout Math

Here ya go Buckdad. This explanation is Perfectly Amusing. Thanks to Aunt Carole for sharing this wisdom. I love it.

I finally looked at one of those sale ads....

Ya know how this time of year our snail-mail-box is full of catalogs, flyers, ads, etc. Well, I was sitting here waiting for a module to upload and decided to browse this flyer from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I have to admit I haven't looked at any cattys (except papercrafting) in a while... Is it just me or are we so is the word lazy... or have we just exhausted our ideas of personalized gifts.... with the recipient in mind...not just a gift to buy a gift... well, maybe these will suit someone:
Sharper Image Jumbo Flat Panel Remote - I guess this goes along with those Jumbo Flat Panel TVs... If the picture in the ad is true.... this thing is approximately 6" wide and 12" long. That is a big-ass remote.
The Power Rock - this is is kinda cool if you have lots of stuff to plug in outside. However, it appears to be snow-covered. This would be so inconspicuous in my garden.
How about a Waring Pro Wine Opener. Removes up to 80 corks with one full charge. Now, there's an electricity drainer. Keep that thing plugged in, ready to go at a moment's notice.
How about the 99.99 Waring Pro Wine Chiller. Isn't that what the ice bucket/refrigerator is supposed to be used for.... bad grammar too. hey, it's my blog. There is a double cooler as well for an additional fifty.
I will admit I like the simplehuman Sensor Soap Dispenser. It must take batteries. It is motion activated like the dispensers in public restrooms at fancy places. (not found at Skipper's ha ha). Anyhoo, it is kinda cool but it would use valuable counter space. It comes in regular and brushed nickel. The plain version is fine with me. Just in case anyone was wondering. HA HA
For the audiophile: Ion USB Turntable Converter... yes, take those scratchy old vinyl records and convert them to scratchy old MP3s. I love the sound of scratchy old vinyl but not sure I'd like the sound of it on my ipod.
Then you have the kinda neato AeroGarden. 149.99 Additional seed kits are only 19.99. grow your own herb, man. I like this but I'm afraid it would be waste of space and I would eventually tire of cleaning it.
I’m totally skipping the toy section. I love toys but give a kid a box, crayons, or a boxing kitty and what more do they need?
For only 14.99 you can get an electric bank. As you drop coins, it keeps a running tab on the top. I kinda always liked counting and rolling those coins. It was exciting to see how much I REALLY had…and I learned a little math in the process. Just give me the 14.99 and we're even.
Boot warmers, hand warmers, and now the Towel Spa. For 79.99 you can own a small appliance that will warm your towel (socks, bathrobe, underwear, whatever) while you stand around freezing.
Ok, this is the item that started this entire post… saving the best for last…. The Mangroomer. I’m not sure why this struck me as so funny…but it is essentially a Razor-on-a-Stick. 39.99 I wonder if they’ll have these at the fair?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cutest dog in the world

I asked her if she wanted a cookie....

She is totally a lap dog... or arm dog... or just hold me dog.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Friendsgiving

Here is my e-card to all of my family and friends.... Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Friendsgiving.
Inside sentiment:
gratitude: cause of happiness or joy, expressing appreciation for something or someone.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

This post is dedicated to Abbey

Abbey was rescued as a tiny kitten in August of 1994. She was brought to me after being found in a rural area where some construction was happening. There were no cats or people around.
She was so tiny she fit in the palm of my hand. She is forever in my heart and she is at peace now.

Sis has joined the blogging world!!!

Welcome to our world :)

Now, everyone get on over there and give Sporty Spice an opinion on the sport she is considering.... I want to read YOUR comments.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Free photo book from Snapfish

Snapfish has teamed up with Oprah to offer a free 8x11 photo book to all would-be scrappers out there. Yes, that's right -- a $29.99 value for free! Here's the catch: You have to redeem the offer by Friday, Nov. 14 and finish creating your book by Sunday, Nov. 16.
This totally works. I just finished mine and the shipping was 6.99. As long as you keep the book to 10 pages or less the book is free.

It does take a little time. Uploading pics, organizing them into the album, etc. But for free... You can change the layouts to a max of four prints per page so you can get a lot of photos in there and they also offer themes (holiday, etc.) so there will be a little background. I'm going to 'alter' mine when it arrives and if you make one and want to alter yours, bring it on over!

Elsie, Abbey, and Blue Bell

I couldn't resist and savored one of Riley and Ryan's Blue Bell ice cream cups today... I saved a little for the furry kids. Abbey went first and had a lick or two. Elsie, of course, licked the cup clean.

Elsie and the squirrels

Yesterday Elsie wore herself out trying to catch two squirrels. Maybe she didn't want to catch them but she sure was interested and irritated. They taunted her by running up and down the palm tree but staying just out of her reach. Since the pic looked so much better vertical I turned the camera while making the video. What a bonehead I'll have to turn your head a little if you want to view this footage.

The second video is just me playing around with Zoe while Elsie was chasing squirrels.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Zoe and Elsie, lounging and ready to lounge

This is Zoe lounging by the pool one evening. She has become an outdoor kitty. She has full run of the yard and screened pool area. There is a door where she comes and goes as she pleases. Sometimes I find her in the garage - asleep on the floorboard of the Miata. Elsie scored bigtime when the Egal's went to PA. This is just one of the many adorable outfits she has added to her wardrobe. This is not the best picture of her but ...isn't she still the cutest dog in the world? Yes, that is her pink and black 'dog in a box' transportation device.

Snake Identification needed!

I was watching Zoe through my stamp room window play around in the front garden and then saw her start chasing something. This is the same garden I spent a couple of hours in last weekend working - yikes. Anyhoo, I had to go see what the little huntress had captured. This time it was a snake. Anyone know what kind of snake this might be? This picture makes it look HUGE but if you notice, the grass looks exceptionally large as well. I cropped and enlarged because I was standing far, far, away from the creepy thing.
So proud of herself! This is a better representation of the actual snake size.

New Music for Old Souls - Hoots and Hellmouth

Totally lifted from their site:
At our core, Hoots & Hellmouth consists of Sean, Andrew and Rob, frequently augmented by Aaron Blouin, Matthew Stein, Todd Erk or Tim Celfo on bass, but the people at our shows really drive us to the point that we consider them all to be a part of what's going on. We wanna break away from the traditional roles of performer and audience...the exchange of music is a bond...a way to build environment in which to share the experience of being human (ups, downs, all ways). Living in a void leaves one empty. So much in the culture of modern living has convinced us to cut ourselves off from human contact - that such interaction is unnecessary in the day-to-day transactions of life. Whether it's the cold, lifeless embrace of technology or the "hipper than thou" clique-building attitude of society's disaffected individuals, it seems the world is finding itself more and more isolated on an individual level. Which is kinda weird when the going trend is ostensibly "connectivity." Connected to what exactly? We'd love to provide space at our shows (and in your own private listening/site-surfing experience there) where anyone and everyone can come and feel free to just to check your job titles, family roles and "demographic buying habits" info at the door. No demands, no pressure. We're not trying to sell you a product or influence you in any particular way. We're not espousing any ideology other than that which builds community on a local level. All religions, no religions, political shades all across the spectrum (including the infrareds and ultraviolets)...we welcome you! We're bringing what we know - music - to the party. What will you bring?

This was a very fun group of guys to watch. I hope the videos capture for you the magic they presented last night at Skipper's. The crowd was varied and to my dismay a little sparse. For a Tuesday night it wasn't too bad.

With their first song the energy was apparent and the crowd joined in the enthusiasm.

This song is dedicated to a co-worker from another co-worker....