Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2003 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail for sale 9900.00 - 100th Anniversary Motorcycle

Posting for a friend:

 2003 Heritage softail classic, FLSTCI, 100th Anniversary.  This bike has been the most dependable I have ever owned. Ten years and lots of memories.

88ci, stage one kit, and screamin eagle II pipes. Quick disconnect windshield and backrest, security and two remotes, acid etched VIN on frame and engine, by Harley. All synthetic oils since new. Some extra chrome, a few minor flaws, it's ten years old but most can't tell. Rides and runs as good as a new one. Great bike, easy to ride and comfortable for two. Reason for selling, I bought a new bike.

$9900. OBO call gary @ 813-245-4018

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Elsie love

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Elsie and Annabelle Beep-Beep styling in their new hats - thanks Liz and Michael!

Something caught my eye as it sauntered by the sliding glass door

So I looked out the back door and this was my view:
Naturally I grabbed the camera and then tried to scare it off by tapping on the glass.  I had to open the door before it stopped drinking.  Then it looked at me and ran out the dog door.  Look at the wet paws!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Now this is more like it- 8 cards made in under an hour

Nothing fancy here but I like these much better than the previously posted horrid scraps I'm trying to pass off as greeting cards.

Thank goodness these birthday cards are finished

I thought these would be quick and easy.  WTH?  Let's just say I'm oh-so-happy these are complete and I won't be making these ever again.  I don't even like them... I think they are fairly ugly!

I'm So Glad We're Friends card, one is nice, six are mediocre

 I made this one first and really liked it.
 Then I cut everything for six more.  Well, I made the green background paper a little too large but thought it would be ok.   Obviously I was wrong.   My pea-brain didn't think about the tall sentiment stamp.  I had to stamp over the dang embellishment.  Oh well.  I will be fine.  It has to be; I have six of 'em. Haha  
Note: isn't it weird how the green paper looks in the second photo?  The first photo is representative of the true color.  Not sure what happened to the second photo.  Weird iPad camera I guess.  Shot under exact same circumstances seconds apart.
inside of the card:
  Wonder what is next?   Stay posted for more cards.... Hopefully I keep my mojo!

Enjoy the Ride - Papertrey Ink

Up, Up, and Away - Papertrey Ink

Hopefully I'm on a card making roll today. It's is the first this morning. I made six of these and don't like them at all. This set with coordinating die will be found on eBay soon!

My little helper today

Monday, May 20, 2013

Bad storm today - hail, wind, heavy rain, power failure - elsie is freaking out

 yep, that's hail on the deck.
I won't have to add water to the pool now and the gardens are oh-so-happy.  The plants may be a little bruised from the hail but they are for sure refreshed after the downpour.
 little bit of rain coming off the roof.
 Floating mulch!
 Debris on the driveway.  I walked the dogs later and every yard is a mess with large and small branches, leaves, palm fronds, etc.  Old Darby street is littered with leaves, dirt, mulch, and whatever else floated or was blown in. 
Hail under the bottle brush tree out front.

Hail on the screen above the pool.

Hi-ho, hi-ho

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Two more Paula Deen Gooey cake experiments

Two new base cakes as shown. Both with original vanilla filling and a sprinkle of chocolate chips. We prefer the orange cake in this taste test.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Always changing quiche recipe - but always yummy finished product

Evolution of quiche.
Pie Dough/crusts
Bacon fried/onions grilled in some bacon grease
Cheese, heavy cream, salt, pepper, nutmeg, eggs
Out of the oven
what to do with leftover crust scraps?  make tarts of course!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tropical Heatwave craziness

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Sarah Borges rocking the stage

One of my new favs.
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Stooges Brass Band - Tropical Heatwave Ybor

Fun band getting everyone in the groove with some brass.
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A beer I like!

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Paula Deen Gooey Cake experiments

#1 - strawberry cake base, vanilla filling, chocolate chip topper

#2 - dark chocolate cake base, caramel filling, chocolate chip and caramel bits topper

#3 - caramel cake base, chocolate filling, chocolate chip and caramel bits topper