Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Me and Siri. She's so.....

So, I asked Siri to call Verizon customer service.
Her reply was she could not call Verizon using that phone number.
I said to Siri "what the hell Siri. I always use that number to call Verizon. "
You can see her answer in the screenshot. Is that irony?

LOTS of balloons! Thanks Liz and Scott. I love them

Let's see how long they last. I'm gonna use these on 11/2!

Will be some fancy cutting going on soon!

Kraftin' Kimmie birthday card by Melinda

Great colors and glittery paper! Fabulous coloring.

Feathery birthday card!

Funny card from Liz and Scott

Inside: I don't do perky!

Fab card by Sassy Powers

Way to use those dies!

Home Depot Happy Birthday!

Such giving friends! Nice gift card for a new screen door. I can't wait to have it installed. Have to decide first! Thanks to all.

Stormy beach view

Happy Mail keeps arriving! Thanks Vikki

Love Glittersweet! perfect!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Coconut Liberte Yogurt is my fav... This brand is close second - any flavor!

Liz brings me one of these Noosa yogurts every now and then. They last me a few days. She brought this one Thursday and It is so dang good. This brand is NOT at my publix thank goodness. I don't eat much yogurt anymore- only the occasional coconut Liberte but if this brand was available in seffner I think it would be a regular addition to my shopping cart! The strawberry rhubarb is amazing.

Second card from KY - love it

Michael's card. The dog ate the money

David's birthday card....

At a certain age everything is an Extreme Sport birthday card

From Jes and Bill :)

funniest flying squirrel I've NEVER seen

I've been told I have flying squirrels in my yard but I have never seen one.  Friday I was sitting in the kitchen and saw one fly from the bamboo to the cactus!  I was so excited.  I crept out the bedroom door with my camera so as not to scare it off.  I zoomed in and lo and behold it was the funniest flying squirrel!   As you can see, it is NOT a flying squirrel.  It is a GIANT gross frog.  I wasn't afraid of scaring this thing off so I shot a few more pics as he sat stop the tall cactus.