Thursday, January 31, 2013

Looking forward to reading this book. Thanks Liz :)

I know I'm messed up. We all are a little bit, aren't we? "We all have our thing" is a common saying of mine. I'm not sure what the answer is for me but I know I will never be good enough. Haha

Some of my goals for this year:
1. Not schedule as many 'things' to do... Sometimes i feel overwhelmed and that my brain is going to explode. I want to stay home more and enjoy what I have under this roof. So my friends, please don't think I'm avoiding you or don't want to go out anymore. I do want to go, sometimes. I should also try to stick to a budget. Is that possible? What is a budget? I guess I should create one before I decide to stick to it, Haha I'm not against going places I just want to be more varied (I guess?) and careful with my time, energy, and funds. I want the biggest bang for my buck and that includes spending days at home, days without driving the car, days where you come to visit me and we have fun doing whatever. Perhaps this will change once I become a member of the working prisoner class again but right now I'm trying to relax. Again, is that possible? What is relaxing? Haha

2. Post more to my blog so I have an electronic journal of what I've been doing with all of my time. Someone recently asked me what I've been doing over the last six months and it was difficult to answer. I know I did something but it seems as if I've wasted a lot of time. The blog will hopefully remind me of how I'm living my life. I need to post more of my creations because I know I spend many hours in the spare room working on 'stuff' ....

3. I have more goals but am not gonna bore you with them here. Maybe someday. Boy, this post is all over the place!

So, back to the book. I heard about this book a few weeks ago and my friend Liz purchased it for me. Very thoughtful and I'm looking forward to discovering the contents. I'm sure I need books about abandonment, co-dependency, self-esteem, and who-knows-what-else but for now I will start with this one. Just don't anyone refer me to the bible. If so, I may have to come at you like a spider-monkey.

Am I worried that certain folks might read this blog and take offense? Nope. I wish some people WOULD read my blog and show a 1% interest. Oops, is that narcissistic? I'm so confused!

My next book should be something about father/daughter relationships and how if you never had one, it can really eff up your future- and how as an adult I can get over it. So dads, take care of your girls before it is too late. Their happiness depends on it. No resentment here. Anyone know a good shrink? :)

6x6" flipbook I made today for Jack

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

some random cayamo 2013 shots including Grandma Jane and Jim Bianco

The folks who run the cruise have roving photographers and one of them caught the three of us on our way to a show. Imagine that!  Grandma Stalker Jane broke her foot a few weeks before the cruise so her daughter Diane pushed her all over the boat in wheelchair.  GJ made many friends and we had an action-packed, fun-filled week. 

Tawni, me, Shirley (tawni's mama), Jane, and Diane taking advantage of the beautiful weather and fun backdrops.   This was shot while the boat was in the San Juan port.  Shortly after they took a tour around the island and I tried to take a nap.
 Cocktails on the pool deck.
 Part of the Jim Bianco Sinner Posse.
 In the cab on the way to Runaway Beach, Antigua.
 Tawni, Lyle, and Shirley.
 Breezy San Juan.  I just walked off the boat and across the street in search of free wi-fi.  The girls took a tour around SJ.
 Keb Mo' and Lyle.
 More of the Sinner Posse.  Elevator shot!
 Tawni and Jim Bianco.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Daisy - way up high! And Elsie dental report

She's settled in and still recognizes me. She came down from here and went to her food bowl so I could pet her while she ate. I didn't let her follow me outside this time when I was ready to leave. Last time she followed me to the car and I cried and cried. This time I was a little better. She has lost more weight but that is to be expected in Kitty Hospice.

I also took Elsie to the vet today for a tooth extraction. Putting her out with happy gas was very stressful for me. The waking up of Elsie was even worse. I will probably have nightmares. I didn't know they acted so .... Frightful .... When waking. I'm so very much against dental cleanings for dogs but I guess I have to rethink because he said this is just one of many that will have to be extracted if I don't get her teeth cleaned. I also don't want her suffering with a toothache like she did the last two days. I thought she had pulled a muscle or something because she was acting weird and whimpering. Well, I finally figured out it was her loose front tooth that was making her lethargic and unhappy. So I guess next month she will go in for her first cleaning.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Looking to buy these if you have sets collecting dust.... Magnetic words for playing

I don't need complete sets. I will piece together whatever I can find... Here, 
there, at garage sales, etc.  
Contact me if you have any you'd like to  LoL

I used to have these at work but they were thrown away with all of my other desk-ish 
stuff a few years ago and I miss them. 

Check out the 'f' set online.  Cracks me up. Lots of cool choices now. I see an order in my future if I don't hear 
from anyone here. TYVM!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just one more pic

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Leaving port soon

BREEZY! So naturally I'm getting a slight chill. Everyone else loves it. Sun is setting over old San Juan. A couple more days at sea and then back to Port Everglades in Ft Lauderdale.
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Problems with smoking on the boat perhaps? EURODAM Holland America Line

 I posted this to facebook as well and a page admin removed my comment.  My comment: it is a music cruise...filled with musicians...

Freedom of speech is going away. Even on a silly site like facebook.  Seriously?  I've seen much worse!

Joni and the ginormous daquiri