Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Boobie Card

Here’s a card I made for the husband of a good friend. I had a different card made but I rcvd this idea from her: “make one with boobies” LOL well, I just so happen to have a stamp that fit that order.
With no offense meant to anyone…. Here’s the card… (inside sentiment: Make A Wish!)
Cardstock: SU RR, PT White, black, DCWV glitter stack
Markers: black, copic markers. RR, CC
New SU silver star brad
Stickles (of course!)
Stamp: Just for Fun - - - purchased used a while back for a couple of $$. Weird thing about this stamp is that the chick is holding a paintbrush and there is a can of paint sitting next to her. I used a black marker and the ‘huff’ method to ink only the rubber I wanted…. I don’t understand the painting in your underwear idea of the entire stamp but…anyhoo, I think the card came out oh-so-sleazy and I love the card and stamp.

Bahama Shutters, Seffner Shutters, whatever

I've always wanted these for the front of my oh-so-boring ranch house. Well, thanks to a great carpenter I now have functional and attractive shutters for the windows. In addition, the house is repainted - no more coral/pink/whatever color it used to be.... The gardens are coming back too and I'll post pics when they are complete. I'm so happy to have those plastic shutters OFF the house!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Here Comes Peter Cottontail....

Happy Sunday everyone! Finally, a card posted to the blog! The Cat's Pajamas stamp, nestabilities...yes, I went nest crazy, SU and DCWV paper, archival ink, copics, and of course stickles. I'm still looking for my basket. It seems that wascally wabbit has skipped my house. hhmmmppfff

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

May I have a cracker please?

My sweet Elsie learned a new trick last week. Yes, she begs. IMHO she is the cutest dog in the world so I can't resist that face. Can you? Ok, the cutest dog in Seffner for you other dog owners out there....

...and then there is the cat that no one knows lives here.... Yes, it's Abbey. She is about 15 years old and has taken residence in my bathroom. Elsie and Zoe take great sport in chasing her so I've allowed her to change her address from under the bed to my vanity sink. Today I brought her out to the living room to look out the front window. She has spent hours there and I decided to snap this picture. So, for those of you who have heard the name Abbey but never seen the kitty, there she is!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

wii hii !!!!

momii is the one to beat at bowling...check out this pro:
John isn't doing too bad either...look at his form:

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Reds: 12 Pirates:11

Wii Hii! What a great game! We are all red... literally! The parental

units, Aunt Carole, Jess, Mary, and I all had a fun time at the game. Peanuts, yucky soft pretzels, pepsi, and water (those alcoholics had beer!).... Mr. Red aka Ballhead had fun mugging with the girls.