Saturday, February 28, 2009

Strawberry Festival Muffin Top

Many thoughts came to mind when this person came and stood in front of me at a show today at the Plant City Strawberry Festival:
  • Um, do you have to stand there, I'm trying to watch the show
  • Those shorts have to be uncomfortable
  • I hope my muffin top doesn't look like that from behind
  • I am so happy that isn't a crop top

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snake Identification needed! Again!

This little snake was on my front porch this morning. You can guesstimate his size by the brick above. I think he was nearly dead. I'm afraid the cats were probably tossing him around... not sure... but.. I squirted him with the hose to make him move along and he just curled around. He is white/cream underneath. I didn't get close enough to determine the exact shade. I know, I know, he's a tiny little thing but he still gives me the creeps.

Little Dude and bubble wrap

There is something about bubble wrap. Last night was dinner at the Egal's. PHO SOUP! yum yum yum.
Little dude was so excited to find a piece of bubble wrap!

Short video of him demonstrating his favorite way to pop the bubbles.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Green Iguana Birthday Party

No pics. Bad, bad shelley
Last night we went to the Green Iguana (formerly known as the Yucatan Liquor Stand). There were a couple of birthday celebrations happening and a houseful of musicians. Sometimes there were eight jamming on the tiny stage.
Instruments present with many players:
Baritone Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone

I think that is it... I know, I know... this would have been a LOT more interesting with a couple of photos. Please accept my apologies and I will try to do better in the future.

Clearwater Seafood and Bluesfest 2/22/09

Last weekend was the Clearwater Seafood and Bluesfest. There is no charge for admission unless you want to sit in a chair in front of the stage. We chose to use the free seating option. Kat, Fritz, and Frank were there in addition to several of our skipper's friends.

We enjoyed the music of Walker Smith, Kenny Neal, and Marcia Ball.

Walker Smith and his harmonica player.

Walker Smith Group
I didn't take any more pics of the bands because I was having too much fun with Kat. Well, except for that guy who wouldn't leave our personal space.

I did shoot one video of Branson Welsh sitting in at the end of Walker's set:

Uh, Shelley, what is going on with that hair?

Kat and Tracy are FAMOUS!

Kat and Fritz
Fritz and Frank Kloepfel

Damon Fowler Group at the Polk Theatre 2/21/09

Saturday the DFG played at the historic Polk Theatre in Lakeland, Florida. It is another great old theatre that has been restored and is lovingly preserved. What a great place for live music too!

Sugar Shack time.

Chuck, Scott, and Damon.

DFG and Eddie Wright

Damon Fowler and Eddie Wright. Eddie has just successfully placed his tip buckets a little closer to the crowd.... If you were there, you know!

I shot 10 videos at this show and all of them are on You Tube. Here are links to a few of them:
Sugar Shack (on of my fav DFG tunes)

I Hope it's Gonna Rain


Sugar Lee

Wrong Side of the Road (with Eddie):

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Parade of Greys, Al Lopez Park 2/21/09

Elsie and I spent the morning with a few greyhounds. There were lots of dogs around but I have only this picture. Maybe I will acquire a few more in the coming days.
One of my fun friends stopped by. This is Maureen and she is the proud mom of four Corgis (who were not in attendance!). From this photo I'd say that Elsie has a new fan.

Elise and her flair. No, she did not have the minimum number of pieces of flair present.
She is still the cutest dog in the world.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elsie and Zoe sittin in a tree...

Well, Zoe was sittin' in the tree. Elsie was doin' circles below. Crazy Cat!
Looks like an Ohio tree doesn't it. This is a Tabubea Tree and it should be covered in yellow flowers in a few weeks. However, with the recent frosts I believe it will pass on blooming this year.

Then, Zoe came down - which was really quite humorous..too bad I didn't get a video - then Elsie played Cat and Dog for a while which I did capture and is included for your viewing pleasure.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

This wedding was H.O.T.T. Hott

Today Eric and Nicole reaffirmed their vows after eight years of marriage. The wedding was beautiful. From the sunset, to the wonderful dinner, to the cake from Alessi... the evening was wonderful. There was dancing, hand rolled cigars, candy bar with chocolate fountain, and... open bar serving margaritas and sangria. Nicole has planned this for a long time and thought of everything. They are so happy together. Three beautiful boys too. Congratulations and best wishes for Eric said.... 50 more years.
Eric and Nicole Hott

Nicole and Cheryl

WOW - a dress!

the bands need gas money to get to sxsw!

As many of you know, sxsw in Austin is quickly approaching. Tampa is sending four bands this year and last night there was a benefit at Dave's Aqua Lounge to raise gas money for the journey.
It was a packed house - I'm thinking we were over the fire code limit but what do I know about codes? It was shoulder to shoulder and I used my bar stool as a ladder to get above the crowd. Well, except for Damon's set. During that 40 minutes Liz and I were front and center.
Overhead view of some of the crowd.
First up was the talented Rebekah Pulley and the Reluctnat Prophets. Ronnie Elliot is also in this picture.

Sometime after 10:00 pm Have Gun Will Travel took the stage and the sing along started.

Next we had the ever charming Damon Fowler Group.
Love ya Damon.
The last band was The Beauvilles but I don't have a pic of those rockers. A few songs into their set Damon said to us 'Hey, we're going to the Ringside. Sean Chambers is there. Go there with us.'
How could I resist that, especially after the big 'ol hug he gave me. smile.
So, off we went to the Ringside Cafe and enjoyed another set of guitar jams between Sean and Damon. No pics of that either. I'm a slacker lately with pics.
I arrived home around 2 am... well, I think it was around 2am. All I can really remember is I was hungry, needed a shower, and was tired.

But the thing I remember the most is someone sending me a text asking if I would be his valentine. awwwwww Of course I will! I missed you at the show.

If you want to know a little more about BAAMO, click here. It is a great organization that truly supports our local musicians:

now...if I could only get to austin in a few weeks.... specifically March 18th. grin

Old Crow Medicine Show and The Felice Brothers, Tampa Theatre

Wednesday I volunteered at the Tampa Theatre for a show that never seemed to stop. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling so great and didn't participate in the festivities. In fact, I SAT, yes, SAT, for the entire show. I have no pics, no video. You will have to take my word for these two bands:
The Felice Brothers...AND.... Old Crow Medicine Show
It was a fun crowd, all ages, kids, tweens, x and y gens, snowbirds. :)
They played three sets and I was so confused by who was playing what as the show progressed that I thought, damn, I need a score card. The drummer would swithc to fiddle and then the guy who started on upright bass would have a banjo, etc. etc. Obviously these guys can play. Both bands joined the stage for the last set and that made a small party of 10 jamming. They were having such a good time they played an extra 30 minutes which was fine with us.
They also had enough instruments on stage to open their own shop
Here is a video of the Felice Brothers shot at another theatre last year. I Put Some Whiskey into My Whiskey:

Old Crow Medicine Show, Wagon Wheel and Tell it to Me:

The above video looks like it was shot by me. Shaky, sing alongs, cheering, dancing, crowd shots, etc. smile

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentime's Day Everyone

Well, that is how they say it down here in the south. Yep. Seriously. In the south there is a 'm' in that word. Maybe it isn't just a southern thing...maybe it is world wide.
I have shortened it to just 'times' day but peeps don't get that either.
You might not believe me but just start listening and when you hear someone say Valentime's Day... friend, DJ, TV anchor (seriously), coworker... you will get it.
So, Happy Times day everyone.
No card to post.
No pic of Elsie.
I'm going to a wedding on the big V day. Yuk. Make me throw up in my mouth. Don't get me wrong... I'm happy for them.
Maybe I'm just jealous. Yep, that's it. Jealousy on Time's Day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reckless Kelly and Sons of Bill at Skipper's Smokehouse

This was not my table at Skipper's. Although, I decided last night that I need to learn to like beer. It is much less expensive. Everyone knows I love my tequila and I'm a wino. Anyone giving lessons on how to develop a taste for beer? I have been known to have a Corona or Dos Equis but I drink them too slow and they get warm. Yuck. Warm beer. Maybe I need to drink a beer that is SUPPOSED to be warm.... suggestions?
This was probably a really fun table to be at last night.

This is one working-hard drummer. He rocked the kit all night.

This sure isn't the best picture. dang

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Devil Dog Elsie

Thanks to Liz for reminding me about this picture. I was babysitting Brutus and he and Elsie had lots of fun playing.
Well, it doesn't really look like he is having much fun but really, he is. Really.

Sons of Bill and RECKLESS KELLY at The Social in Orlando

Sunday February 28, 2009 I went to The Social to see Sons of Bill and Reckless Kelly. What an incredible show. Tonight they are in Tampa at Skipper's and I am really looking forward to seeing them twice in one week.

Two of the Sons of Bills...brothers

Two more of the Sons of Bill. The guy on the left is a brother to the two guys in the pic above.

Sons of Bill drummer.

what a cutie!

He's pretty hot too.

The drummer for RK. He was 'on' all night.

Slide guitar and mandolin players. Wonderful.
One of my fav songs by Alejandro Escovedo...performed by RK at the show.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Damon Fowler, Ringside Cafe, Friday and Saturday 2/6 2/7

The Damon Fowler Group played Friday and Saturday at the Ringside in St. Peterburg, FL. I was lucky to have experienced both rockin' shows.
Saturday I had a lot of fun with Fritz, Scott, and Liz. I'm happy they made it to the show and eventually we had a full table of friends hanging out....dancing.... etc. fun fun fun
Kat...Next time baby... you are THERE :)

Damon, Chuck (bass), Scott (drums).

Damon allows other musicians to sit in and play a song or two. Friday ..wowzer... the Sauce Boss Bill Wharton was in da house! He's a jammer. When you see that he is in your town... go to the show. Not only will you hear and experience some great music you will also get to sample Bill's gumbo that has been cooking during the evening.

You Tube videos of The Sauce Boss and Damon Fowler Group:

Damon loves Nitro and he was there both Friday and Saturday blowing the harp. It was cool seeing Damono and Nitro play together.

Links to the Damon and Nitro videos on You Tube:

. . . The Sugar Shack.

More Damon video:

Shelley and Damon at Skipper's last week. Thanks to Liz for taking this cute shot. Cute - Damon. Scary - Shelley