Sunday, April 6, 2008

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jake Owen, Chasco Fiesta, New Port Richey, FL

i The three of us went to the Chasco Fiesta in New Port Richey to see Josh Gracin and Jake Owen. I wanted to see Jake and Joni is all about Josh. We spotted Jake before the show and of course took advantage of the photo op. What a nice guy (handsome too!). The evening was going great until the clouds opened and the rain poured down. The show was cancelled half way into Jake's set. Who is that redneck in the blue hat? check joni's blog for many more details!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Huntress and her prey

Last saturday I was sick (sinus congestion, cough due to cold, etc.) and spent the day sleeping. Elsie barked to go out so I walked her out to the back door. Zoe was in the yard and she had something hanging out of her mouth. What in the heck? It was a black snake! I went back to get the camera and then let Elsie out. Zoe dropped the snake, Elsie ran over to investigate, and the snake freaked and tried to strike Elsie. Note: I would not have let Elsie out if it was any other type of snake! So, Elsie freaked and did one of those crazy kitten jumps. If you've ever had a kitten, you know what I mean...straight up and back at the same time....I started snapping pics and captured a few OK shots. A few hours later she was still out there with it, tossing it around, etc. I haven't seen it since.