Monday, November 22, 2010

Craig Van Tilbury memorial at Skipper's

I'm about two months late in posting this too....
Music filled night with remarkable players on stage at Skipper's in memorial to Craig Van Tilbury.
Liz, Damon, Shelley, Ed
One of the few videos I posted to You Tube. Damon Fowler, Chuck Riley, Jimmy Griswold, Ed Wright, and Sean Chambers.... alone they are incredible... together on stage, moving. This is a long jam and the video/audio isn't perfect. But if you've ever seen any of these men play live, you get it.
This one features Freight Train Annie on vocals.

Friday, November 19, 2010

IE and IA take a tour of KY and NC

The first stop was Campton, KY. Here they are in the doghouse. Bo is interested in IE and IA. We had a great breakfast both mornings!
Horsing around.
We then headed to Asheville and visited the beautiful Grove Park Inn. This pumpkin is kinda small.
View of Asheville from one of the terraces at the Grove Park Inn.
In one of the large fireplaces in the lobby.
Stone work around the fireplace.

Downtown Asheville. Chasing squirrels.

Imitation Elsie and her new friend

Imitation Elsie and
Imitation Annabelle Beep-Beep (Annie)
Fasten your seatbelt! We are headed to Atlanta...Knoxville...Campton, KY.... and finally....Asheville! YAY

Paul-A-Palooza weekend . . . Paul Thorn Band, September 2010

I realized a few days ago that I had not blogged one of the big events that occurred in September!

What a fun weekend we had with Paul Thorn, Michael Graham, Jeffrey Perkins, Ralph Friedrichson, and Billy Hinds..... the Paul Thorn Band. Sheli, Ellen, Kathleen, and John arrived and the party began.

It all started in Orlando with a great show at the Social. We clowned around in the photo booth, drank a little tequila, and danced the night away. Unfortunately I don't have any photos from that exciting evening.

Friday night Paul played solo at Skipper's Smokehouse. We had a pre-show catered party for Paul and the band. I believe we had about 25 people for that dinner. My photos aren't the greatest and a few peeps are missing due to over-exposed shots. But I had lots of fun with Tracy, Sharon, Mark, Michelle, Bailey, Joni, Dan, Cheryl, Gary, Vicki, Adam, Liz, Scott, Sheli, Ellen, Kathleen, John, Paul, Ralph, Michael, Billy, Jeffrey.... and gee, I can't remember! Paul getting some feedback from the crowd.

Shelley, Vicki, and Gary.
Oh yeah, I had a cake made with the image of his latest CD. He really liked the cake!

He's obviously really listening to someone else and has no idea I am over his shoulder.

A few of use before the feeding began. I love Ralph's Napoleon Dynamite pose! Love ya Ralph.

Cute, Cute, Cute Bailey. Shelley and Cheryl below:
Sheli Marie, Shelley Renee, and Bailey. The girls.
Paul on stage at Skipper's.
Another cute shot of Miss Bailey.
Paul on stage, again. :)
Paul makes it known that he loves Spam, Yoo-Hoo, moon pies, and other junk food...including Cracker Jack. Fans always bring him something... this show he was given a bag of CJ. He couldn't wait... he had to rip it open and see his prize. He was disappointed in the prize but loved the gift of CJ.
This is one of my fav weird pics. My camera settings were not correct so few of my pics look good. However, I love this pic of the group. Paul is in total focus while everyone else is blurred. I thought it was kinda cool.
Saturday night was the final show of the Paul Trifecta. At the Ritz in Ybor City Paul played (along with about 10 other bands) for the birthday bash.

Jeffrey behind the drums:
Paul and Elsie

Shelley and Michael

Daisy - before and after

Here's Daisy Cat with her almost-grown-out hair.
Here's a version of my fantastic hair cut.

Here's she partially grown out - and doing a little cardio.

Another one of my beautiful trim jobs. I love her like this - she's texturized. Note the very dirty paws. Obviously she's been out in the garden.

Well, I decided last week to splurge and take her to the groomer for a real shave. Isn't she lovely!
Also, that is an automatic feeder. It is one of the best investments I've made all year. PLUS Daisy is so smart now. She knows how to tell time. She knows when it is 7:30 am and 7:30 pm. Amazing!

Daisy, Elsie, and Annie lazing around with me and the Kindle

EPCOT food and wine event November 7, 2010

A fun Sunday with Tracy, Scott, and Liz. This is my favorite time to go to EPCOT. I'm not big on amusement parks but EPCOT knows how to throw a party each fall. If you are ever around Orlando during this event, try to go.
Here's Tracy with yummy perogies. Next stop, lava cake.
There is a place in EPCOT (Coke World) where you can taste sodas from around the globe. Some were good, some not so good.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

GREAT Greyhound Picnic Sunday 10/31/2010

What a fun day at the park raising funds for GREAT - Greyhound Rescue of Tampa.Annie won third prize in the scariest category. HA Little Land Shark
This greyhound costume was a winner!
Elsie went as a piggy. She is a little piggy right now. She's put on a pound over the last month due all of the puppy food she's been eating...

Thanks Aunt Liz for the adorable costumes. We have our outfits planned for next year!

Damon Fowler and Bob Margolian at Ace's 10/30/2010 ... and a Halloween Party too!

Damon as Bob:

Damon Fowler and Bob Margolian: Damon played the first set and then joined Bob for the second and third sets. There were many interesting costumes..... Like this guy who wore this pumpkin on his head the entire night. A real pumpkin. This clown scared me all night and kept squeaking that toy at everyone.

Under this scary mask you'd find Branson.