Friday, March 29, 2013

Squirrel trapped in feeder - bird cage used as feeder

I think this may have been the first time this squirrel visited my yard.  Or, it just had a panic attack and forgot how he entered the cage/feeder!  It was going around and around inside the cage - I could hear it inside the house.  Poor dumb squirrel!  The birds fly in and out all day.  The bottom is finally rusting on this one and my garage sale searches have not offered a replacement cage yet.  Anyone have bird cages collecting dust in your garage?  I'd love to take them off your hands.   Check back later for a video link.  It is uploading to the YouTubes right now.  Click here to watch video

I'm feeling MUCH better today!

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Sunny and 70 in Seffner

A beautiful day in the neighborhood!
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pink healing around Elsie's lips

I've said this many times over the last few days... I can't imagine what she has been feeling since Saturday afternoon.

This afternoon it seemed she was really feeling better. She drank water using her tongue and didn't stay in her bed or box alone. Later she barked at a sound outside. That is the first bark I've heard since Saturday morning. Then she ate her dinner and baked chicken. She's spent the evening on the sofa with me and was licking her paws a few minutes ago. A little while ago she licked my nose. Normally I don't like or allow licks but she hasn't licked or used her tongue since Saturday morning and I let her have at it. She's not drinking a lot alone or licking her paws excessively but enough that I can tell she is healing in her mouth. She has a few more pain pills and I'm going to give them to her til they are gone along with the rest of the antibiotics. He asked me to bring her for another laser treatment tomorrow morning and I think that may be the last of those. Thanks to those who ask about TCDITW. My princess.

Another update - midnight: she hasn't wanted to get in bed with me all week. Tonight she went to her bed again but after I turned off the light and got under the covers she came over and wanted up with us. Yay!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pretend this is Wheel of Fortune

And your clue is Before and After.... What is the sentiment for this card? Comment with your answer if you can. Correct answers get a smile.

I made only two of these cards so for everyone else, here is your virtual Easter card from me, Elsie, and Annabelle beep-beep.

Monday, March 25, 2013

September 15-17th - Las Vegas - Sin City Soul and Blues Revival

More info:

The Rio in Las Vegas is where you should be in September. The Sin City Soul & Blues Revival includes over 30 World-Class Soul & Blues acts performing on multiple indoor stages and poolside, day and night.

  • Tedeschi-Trucks Band
  • Robert Cray
  • Los Lonely Boys
  • Tab Benoit
  • The Austin All-Stars featuring Malford Milligan and W.C. Clark
  • Ruthie Foster Band
  • Carolyn Wonderland
  • Curtis Salgado's Big Band
  • Tommy Castro & The Painkillers
  • Royal Southern Brotherhood
  • Jon Cleary and The Absolute Monster Gentlemen
  • Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials
  • Trampled Under Foot
  • James Harman
  • Orgone
  • Mike Zito and The Wheel
  • The Soul of John Black
  • Monophonics
  • Deanna Bogart
  • The Iguanas
  • Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds
  • John Nemeth
  • Tad Robinson
  • Henry Gray & Bob Corritore
  • Karen Lovely
  • Hadden Sayers Band
  • Scottie Miller Band
  • Contino
  • Selwyn Birchwood
  • Kris Lager Band
  • Brad Cordle Band
  • Josh Hoyer & The Shadowboxers
  • Little Jonny & The Giants


A little pain pill, some antibiotics, and quick laser treatment

 I'm gonna feel better soon.

Good morning! Bran / pumpkin / cranberry muffins hot and ready for breakfast

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Still watering Elsie with a syringe

And this is how she feels right now. LEAVE ME ALONE! Poor baby.

Rough night and she wants to be left alone

She's learned quickly how to take water drops from syringe. Walking around a little and has gone outside twice to potty. Hasn't eaten anything yet but I probably wouldn't want to eat either. She slept in her box last night and is in there now. She feels safe in there I guess.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Should her face be this swollen after her first (and probably last) dental cleaning?

I'm freaking out. Vet hasn't returned my call. It is after hours and I'm worried.

update: I spoke with two vet techs and they both said to give her a little more time to recover before I rush her to the emergency vet. Since that vet is open 24 hours I can go at anytime if I feel she is not getting better or the swelling is not going down. She is next to me on the sofa, shivering/ shaking as chihuahuas do and trying to rest. She doesn't want anything to eat but I carried her outside and she did potty. She walks around ok when forced. She really just wants to sleep- as I'm sure I would if I had a cleaning and two teeth removed 7 hours ago. To get her to life her head I had to act like someone was here. She wouldn't lift her head otherwise. She just wants to be left alone.

Also, the swelling seems to be more her lips vs her gums as I previously thought. That may be a slight allergic reaction according to one of the vet techs.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Something is scratching on the door

This huge turtle won't go away! I thought it was leaving and it is at the front door again. It makes a lot of noise and the dogs know something is out there.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013

I made a big ol mess today

..and there is more to come!

Bird (dove probably) casualty on the deck this AM (I'm blaming the hawk)

In my garden I have created what I thought was a little sanctuary for my birds. I have a few feeders and a birdbath I keep full of fresh water.
I didn't think about the local hawks using it as a feeding station too but I think that is what happened this morning, based on what I found on the deck.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Seffner sinkholes

Seffner is finally on the map and known worldwide... Now it is fallin' in!

It is devastating what happened to the man who lived on Faithway Drive in Seffner. No one would have ever predicted someone would die due to a sinkhole.

Another sinkhole formed over the weekend in a parking lot in Pinellas County - just across the bridge from Tampa.  It made the news.  Well, if you blinked you would have missed the story.

But now a third hole has formed in my little town of Seffner and everyone is in a panic.

Sinkholes are not rare.  Here in Florida we live above an aquifer - or at least that is what I was told many years ago by someone who should know what he was talking about. Google it and you can probably see why a sinkhole could possibly form.  We build homes, roads, parking lots, shopping malls, you name it, all above this aquifer.  I'm not saying it is right or wrong, it is just a fact.  Another  fact is that Florida has 100000000s of sinkholes.  Ok, maybe not 100000000/ of them, but A LOT!  Google that too and you will see the numbers.  Now the world knows that Florida has a sinkhole 'problem' and everyone is freaking out.

But why live in fear or panic?   Doesn't every area of the world have some sort of natural disaster which could cause death and destruction?   Tornadoes.  Monsoons.  Earthquakes.  Hurricanes.  Blizzards.  Now add sinkholes to the list.  Is there any place in the world that is untouched by Mother Nature?  Where ya gonna go? 

I will take my sunshine state and just hope my world doesn't cave in too soon or blow away this 

I also hope the insurance companies aren't watching the news.

My thoughts are with the family and anyone affected by these tragedies.  

UPDATE:  I just read an article where the brother stated he felt rescue workers could have done more.... Seriously?  They saved YOUR life.   That sinkhole was a very unique situation.  The first responders, and everyone who assisted later, did the best they could do and I'm thankful they are here for all of us.