Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dinner with Andy, Vikki, and Brian

Fun times.
Vikki and I met in high school.

Reconnecting with the Kyle Clan

Cousin Joe and wife Susan and the kids.

Mr Red Legs welcomed me to Cincy

Gary is immortalized on one of Bruno's signs

First time I've had to evict someone - but not the first time Bruno Deluca, age 92, has been evicted. Seffner, Florida Eviction

Bruno Deluca eviction

Bruno Deluca eviction

Bruno Deluca eviction

Bad, bad landlord!!

Bruno's sign (one of many) to the landlord

And that would be me.... If he would let people inside to work on things he thinks are broken we wouldn't have gotten to this point.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

French Macaroons for dessert - almost too pretty to eat

But we ate them.

View from top of Mt St Michele

Two days later the high tide came in and this we surrounded by water. It happens approximately every 20 year they said. I saw it on the news in Paris.

Our tour group

Another beautiful church in France

I will add the name and town once I figure it out. It is a church known for the stained glass. Someplace in the Normandy region I think.

Sign outside restaurant in Paris Latin Quarter

Notice this is in English - not French. Loud, obnoxious Mericans.

Smoggy Paris

Beautiful Apartments in London

Royal Albert Hall

Stopped by to see Noel Fielding's Art exhibit.

One of the 'lock' bridges in Paris

Our tour guide nikki

She is fabulous.

Coffee and tea on the streets of Paris

Our last afternoon and it rained.

The Harp - our last supper

...and my last cafe and cognac.

The Harp - Paris

We visited this restaurant a few times.

King of broken hearts - Jim Lauderdale

I was fortunate to attend this show last night at the Craftsman House Gallery in St Petersburg.