Friday, July 26, 2013

Contest won! Keep entering!

I went out the front door a little while ago and there was a large box waiting for me. I couldn't remember that I ordered anything recently. Especially anything that required shipping in such a large box.  Happy potato chip mail surprise today!   I want to open every bag right now. But I'm being good. I will wait. Not sure what I'm waiting for -- but I'm waiting.  I need to have a potato chip party!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'm happy to be home and the girls are happy I'm home

But they are hot and ready to go back in the house.

Cute birdhouse from Tommy and Carole in the garden now

Arcade restaurant for breakfast two days in a row

HAPPY GIRL! Oldest diner In Memphis steps away from the Civil Rights Museum.
sweet potato pancakes the first day - famous French toast the second day I'd go here every day if I lived here.

Leo & Susie's green top BBQ - Dora, AL

Chopped chicken barbecue sandwich, hand cut peanut oil fried french fries, and real homemade ranch dressing with butter milk for dipping the fries. plus a new beer that I love. OutStanding service. Would love to go here again but it is way off my path! Thanks Michael for the perfect recommendation.

Beautiful petunias in Tupelo - at the Birthplace of the King

RuneRune enjoying her hotel bed

RuneRune is the last family kitty in Iowa and needed to be relocated to Jan's home in Florida. So, we flew north, stayed a week, and then road tripped it home.  With a few stops of course.  

And looking forward to retirement in the sunshine state.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Beale Street

If you go to Beale street early you avoid the metal detectors and barricades.  Apparently crime is still very bad in memphis and as I was told 'the police don't play.' They were everywhere. On bike, on foot, on horseback.  It didn't deter us at all.  We had fun at sun studios, Graceland, Stax, sunset on the Mississippi River, breakfast two days in a row at the arcade and the best chicken for miles for dinner from Gus's.  I love Memphis and still need to return because there are many places I haven't time to visit. Plus many more I want to revisit.  Then there are the places I always have to visit...even if it is just a drive-by,

Holly Springs Mississippi – Graceland Too

Signing the wall at Graceland

Me and the King

Memphis bridge and Mississippi River at sunset

Don't touch my ride

Isaac Hayes gold Cadillac. Stax

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Paton, Iowa

209 Main in Paton, Iowa - for dinner - home of the tool bar - newrestaurant

Blog Readers:   Please post a comment below about this restaurant.  I'm compiling notes for YELP review and need to update this post.   Many Thanks,  October 13, 2014

The new restaurant in Paton is OK and you are thinking of going for a meal, check it out.  
Visiting Jefferson this week from Tampa,  we heard about 209 Main and decided to give it a try.  
We ordered a variety of appetizers and meals and everything was pretty good.  We were disappointed that we could not get a steak or other larger entree due to it being Sunday.  Yep, nothing like that served on Sundays.  
However, there are many sandwiches, burgers, appetizers, and pizza from which to choose.  The child in our group choose the kids burger and I think it was the burger usually served from the regular menu.  It was huge.   I loved the onion rings and the hand tossed thin crust pizza was very good.  I wish we would have ordered two pizzas so I could try the thick crust too.   Boneless chicken tenders with some sort of Thai sauce - ok.   Philly cheesesteak sandwich - ok.   Salmon Reuben - ok and seemed a little skimpy.  
Overall a good meal and the price was reasonable.
Ice cold draft beer (blue moon and fat tire).  Nice servers and separate seating area for diners so you can be close to the bar but not in the bar.  Also, it wasn't crazy loud like the places in Tampa of which this reminded me.   This could have been a Beef o Brady's or other bar/restaurant found around the country.
I'm happy Paton has this place and I hope it is very successful.  I'd go again if I lived near.  But I'm going back to the sunshine state in a few days.
I'm not sure what is meant by Home of the Tool Bar.... Anyone?

A&W root beer has that frosty mug taste - Jefferson Iowa

Went to A&W for the half price ice cream.  Yum. Oh. This after being buzzed by crop duster just minutes earlier. Now I know what Cary Grant felt like.  Seriously.  Few feet above car. Shrieking heard for miles I'm sure. 

Jack still looks shaken!