Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rick's on the River, Tampa

Saturday May 23, I spent some time with some old friends at Rick's on the River in Tampa, Florida. Lyle was entertaining the crowd and throughout the night had other musicians join him on stage. After a while it felt like an impromptu class reunion of Chamberlain High, Class of '73. Many of Johnny and Lyle's friends stopped by Rick's and they had fun telling stories and remembering good times as well as catching up with peeps they haven't seen in years.
Lyle Russell and Johnny Wilkes
Johnny and Jan Wilkes
Lyle solo. Can you see the city skyline in the background? I love Rick's. I'd love to live nearby. how cool would it be to drive your boat up to the dock and enjoy some food, drink, and live music. Someday.

Lyle, Richard, and Gary
Me and Lyle self portrait
I think I agreed to a Labor Day party with Lyle and friends as the entertainment. More about that later.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sweet Hummingbird outside my window today.

I couldn't get a great picture thru the screen but this video is kinda cool.
Of course I can't tell if this is the same bird...but there has been one here a few times today. Too bad the frost killed most of my plants that attracted the tiny treasures.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tropical Heatwave at the Cuban Club in Ybor

Our community commercial-free radio station, WMNF, hosts many shows year round but the biggest and best is Tropical Heatwave. This was the 28th year for the event. 8 hours of music.... 30plus bands on six stages for $30.00. What a deal.

Rockin' with The Mojo Gurus

Blair Carman and the Belleview Boys
Piano Rockabilly. Swing dancers. Fun.

Michael Burks. The Iron Man. Michael and his band rocked the Cuban Club bandshell.

Thomas Wynn of Thomas Wynn and the Believers. I didn't get a pic of the entire group. Bonehead me.

Pack A.D. Two chicks. Energy all around. They were incredible.

Cold Joon. Words can't describe this diverse act. I wish I had more pics. There are 6 other band members who aren't shown.

Random shot of Bailey and some dude with funny shirt.

James Intveld. I wasn't as impressed with him as I thought I'd be.... Too commercial? Too cute? Too something.... We stayed for a few songs and then headed back downstairs to see The Beauvilles who probably blew the speakers out... My ears finally stopped ringing Monday.

Look! Shelley in a pic!
Bailey - not sure what she's doing.
Random crazy dancers during Magadog. They closed the show outside and we had a blast dancing and playing.
Let the skanking begin! This was a fun group of dancers. They even tolerated me!
SCOTT! YES! Scott joined the circle occasionally! He's a skanker!
Action shot. Look at 'em go!
One of the senior drunk dudes dancing in the circle. Everybody was having a great time.
Crazy Dancin' Guy #1 and his girlfriend enjoying Magadog. This dude is a familiar sight at Skipper's and Bailey got this great shot of them. BTW, his name is Paul. There are a few guys who 'dance like no one is watching' and I've nick-named them CDG 1, 2, 3, and 4.
Another skanking action shot. Bailey and friends.
Scott - AGAIN! Scott and Bailey exiting the circle. See the guy in the blue shirt with white stripes? Another drunk dude who was enjoying the heck out of the dancing.
More random skankers.

Other bands we saw but not recorded on the camera:
Johnny Cakes and the Four Horseman of the Apocalypso
Chuck Prophet
Kinobe and Soul Beat Africa
Big Sam's Funky Nation
BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet
Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue

Many other bands all around but we couldn't do it all!

We ended the night dancing with Magadog. They played over and the crowd stayed 'til the very end. Then, we were off for some slices of pizza and headed home. I'm not sure what time we made it to bed... 3am maybe?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to mom

Happy Birthday Mom!

See ya in July for another fun weekend. Hope you have a wonderful day today.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More shots of the deck and gardens

The fishtail palm is struggling to regain its old self. This was a completely shaded garden.
I planted 100 or so caladium bulbs a few weeks ago. They are just starting to emerge. Rain! Rain! Rain!

View from the side yard. Dang, look at all those bottles I have to replant.
25 cent marigolds are doing just fine. Love my 25 cent plant store. As soon as the rains start I'll be headed back for another 20 dollars worth of annuals. :)
Too bad I didn't think of moving the dang pool net out of the background. Oh well. Peruvian Daffodil blooming today.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Skipper's Smokehouse, Sunday May 3, 2009

LOOK! A pic of shelley.
Tracy and Vikki

St. Pete Beach with the girls

How many snaps does it take to get one decent pic of a few chicks on the beach? Apparently 15+ and you still don't get exactly what you wanted... We're still cute tho :)

...and then there is this guy. Vikki claims Tracy and I fell asleep and she took a walk down the beach and found this fine speciMAN. I'm not so sure because the last time I checked, Florida is FLAT and there are some pretty darn big mountains in the background. But, she sent me the pic, so who am I to doubt? Here's your eye candy my friends.

Florida Orchestra, Friday Extra free concert at Lowry Park, Tampa, FL

I know some people think the orchestra or symphony can be boring...but c'mon.... the music hadn't started yet. I took this pic about an hour before the concert began. He fell off the bench a few times and that burly lady next to him helped him climb back up.
After the music started he actually came to life. Maybe he just needed a nap? Maybe it was the Bud....

Liz and Shelley enjoying a very dirty martini
Marc was a sweetie and brought me some watermelon. Well, it was about 1/4 of a watermelon.... and Liz and I ate all of it! YUM
Elsie THINKS she would like a taste of whatever is in that glass.
Marc doesn't really like martinis.
Scott and Vicki

Our wonderful Florida Orchestra