Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Tracy - At Ace's with Kenny Neal

Tracy prefers pie to cake so I surprised her with a stop at and let her pick her birthday pies. Dutch Apple and Peanut Butter Chocolate. Oh My. We ate a slice of each and sent the leftovers with the band. Kenny sang just to us it seemed.
Selwyn Birchwood took the stage for a couple of songs.Shelley and Charlie Paul, Kenny's manager. I met these guys a few years ago at Skipper's but tonight I learned that Charlie is also a former NBA player.

Kenny and the girls. Photo by Scott Lynch.

TCM Road to Hollywood Smokey and the Bandit at Tampa Theatre w/ Ben Makiewicz & Burt Reynolds

Here is a link to the first part of the interview, part 2 is available once you get to the site:

Burt out in the crowd:

Shelley and The Trans Am:Ben Makiewicz spent some time chatting with us before the event. Very nice guy. Easy on the eyes too. :)

Sunken Gardens with the Penneys, Emily, and David

Luckily we had a great designated driver!

Bok Tower Gardens with the Penneys

It was a beautiful day to visit Bok Tower. We strolled through the gardens and made our way to the tower to hear the bells. After this peaceful time we ate a yummy lunch in their cafe and I bought enough plants from their garden center to fill the back of the wagon! Just before John fell (was pushed?) into the pond. Ok, just kidding, he didn't really go into the drink.

Enjoying the lawn near the tower.

Henry B. Plant Museum / University of Tampa / Babe Ruth's longest homer If you ever get to Tampa, take a couple of hours and visit the campus of UT. Originally built as a hotel in the late 1800's, it is now a vibrant college. A museum is located near the entrance and you are also permitted to stroll the halls and look around. After working our way through the museum, we walked down to the river. The students who are also enlisted were practicing (not sure of the correct term) around campus - even near the sun bathing girls! This is a shot of the hillsborough river with some guy who just totally walked into the shot. Also on campus is the site of Babe Ruth's longest homer. I think that means his longest home run but I guess they couldn't fit that on the sign.

Tennis with Tracy on Davis Island

Well, we didn't actually play... we just watched and enjoyed the beautiful view of Harbor Island. Tracy plays a couple of times a week at this tennis club. After her match we went to Estella's for tacos and then to a little place next door for ice cream and basketball on the TV.

Mom, Elsie, and Annie

Just a couple of shots of mom and the girls relaxing on the sofa.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Annie and the charger. . . Anyone have one they need to sell?

Annie is such a good puppy. Look at that face. How could one resist?
She obviously has many toys from which to choose.... as well as unlimited bully sticks (organic of course!) and an occasional steak or rib bone to satisfy that puppy urge to chew.However, she discovered the blackberry charger (a universal charger, I just happen to need this style for my phone) and look at the results. I'm not mad or upset, it is my fault that it was within her reach. However.... this is/was the only wall charger I have/had... I can go buy one or quickly get one on ebay. But if you are like me, you have this drawer of old electronic cords, adapters, and other unknown thingys that you can't throw out just yet. If you find yourself in this position with an extra wall charger with the metal thingy as shown in the photo below, I'd be glad to pay for it and shipping to get it from your junk drawer to my blackberry.

Just in case you are wondering how is SHELLEY GOING SURVIVE WITHOUT HER LINK TO THE WORLD .... fear not... I can charge via usb and the computer but that will not help when I'm traveling or otherwise away from SHELLEY'S OTHER LINK TO THE WORLD! If you read this and you know me and can help me out, send me an email, text, or call. If you are reading this and you don't know me but want to send me some charger love, leave me a comment with your email address and I'll make payment arrangements. THANKS in advance if you are my saviour!