Monday, July 30, 2012

Late lunch in bristol

Bacon quiche and salad. Cheese plate and fruit bowl to go. Road yummies.
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pretties from my friend Jayme

Those who know me know why she sent these... Aren't they gorgeous and the candle is a wonderful addition.
When life gives you lemons... Make lemon drop martinis!

TY Jayme. You Rock.
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

birds love my garden and feeders - try this, use a bird cage

Above view is from inside my screen room - just off the kitchen.  See that bird cage on the hook?  Well, I wired the door open and ever few days I scatter seed on the floor of the cage.  Birds and squirrels go in, have a seat, and eat their meal.  Below photo is cropped from above.  That is a tufted titmouse in the feeder/bird cage.
A few steps or wing-flaps away the critters find a few more feeders.  I have a lot of cardinals in my garden.  Squirrels too.  Oh, and now a big ol' raccoon.

Some views of the front garden. Appears you will have to turn your head to see some photos. thanks blogger

 Cactus garden (above) and Croton (below) with side view of cactus garden.

Various blooms.  The orange and yellow attract the hmmingbirds throughout the day.  The Blue Salvia is a loved by many bees.  Sorry for the sideways shot.  I altered the photo but blogger doesn't recognize the changes upon upload I see.

 Perfect Pine Forest
 Plumera Side Shot (above).... close up of bloom below

Fancy Poinsettia that has survived one winter so far.  I'm hoping it makes it through this year because it is HUGE and the red will be oh-so-showy.
 More views of front garden.
 View through the pine forest.

Oh-so-tired Annabelle Beep-Beep

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Front garden

Will post real photos soon. This one shot with blackberry phone.
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