Sunday, February 24, 2008

Paul Thorn and Skipper's

Again, another awesome show by Paul Thorn at Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa. He debuted (is that a word) his newest CD and rocked the house. Along with some

songs that I haven't heard him play in years he had everyone singing and dancing to the new soon-to-be hits. If you don't know Paul, you should know Paul. I had lots of fun partying with my peeps and I'm a sweaty mess. Time to go hose myself off and get to bed.

So, what is your favorite Paul Thorn song? Set the Tivo, Paul and the band will be on Conan 3/19/08. -me

Nope, no how, no way will you get me to eat one of those oysters. Don't try to trick me. Even with lots of Ketel One I'm not going to eat it. Nope, no how, no way. It's all good tho because you get all that I won't eat. Give me some dead chicken or mad cow please. Rabbit food is even better. NO, I don't mean feed me a rabbit. Liz.... she loves those things! Pass the crackers and hot sauce. Look
at that grin on Scott's face!

Virgin Post

Hi everyone,
I've decided to jump on the bandwagon. A little late I know but...better late than never and besides, nobody's perfect.
I've been blurfing for a long time. Blurfing? Well, that's my term for blog-surfing. This will be a good forum to post my creations, ramblings, and, well, whatever else crosses my mind.
thanks for stopping by.
More later. I'm busy organizing the stamp room so that when my guests arrive next week we'll have fun playing - and - I'll know where to find stuff.