Friday, March 27, 2009

Suncoast Surf Shop, Treasure Island, Florida

My friend Kat has started a new adventure and I want all of my blog followers and readers to go there now and take a look:

You know you need a t-shirt from this place! How could you not? Maybe you need a beach bag, some board wax, or skateboard wheels.

Surf over, surf around, and get yourself a little something. Send something to a friend up north. They'd love a shirt from this surf shop. If they've travelled to Treasure Island anytime over the last 4o or so years they've probably seen the shop.

Additional items are added all the time.

I think the shipping is free right now too.

Support your local merchants!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Eric Lindell at Tampa Bay Bluesfest 3/21/09

Eric Lindell

Shelley and Eric

Girls Gone Wild!

Fritz and Shelley

Frank and Shelley
Overall a good day. Weather was nice, had some good chips and tacos, ice cold wine, and lots of great music.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009 and it is someone's birthday (said in a sing-song kind of voice)

39 and Holding. Yes, she is THIRTY NINE TODAY!
Happy Birthday sister. Time is racing by. Let's have lots and lots more FUN!

please don't kick my ass for posting this. hee hee

Kellie Pickler, one more time...and another SF complaint

So,,,, Joni luckily won backstage passes for the KP show at the Plant City Strawberry Festival. She graciously allowed us to go with her. We waited in line and then were admitted, 15 or so at a time, 'backstage' to 'meet' Kellie.
The backstage is really just a lawn area behind the stage.
The 'meet' was really just stand in line and get a quick snapshot with KP.
We were advised that we weren't allowed to use our own cameras because there is an official photographer and we would be able to get copies of the shots.

So, as we moved closer to the front of the line a guy asked if we had a camera, we were surprised since we were told outside to NOT use our camera or we WOULD be REMOVED from the meet and greet. (damn camera nazis)
We started to hand him a camera and then were quickly REMINDED that they have a photographer taking OFFICAL photos.
We moved quickly thru the line. I truly don't remember speaking to KP although I do believe that if she would have had five seconds with us she would have had something entertaining to say.
After the whirlwind photo shoot (what happened to the meet and greet?) we were shuffled back out the gate. A few moments later we started discussing 'how are we going to get those pics?' We weren't give a business card, instructions, etc. We asked at the t-shirt counter and that guy was clueless.
Joni asked the Official Strawberry Festival Employees in the red shirts (note to self, check all garage sales for these shirts. they are the IN to anything SF. hee hee)
Sorry, I digressed as usual. Joni obtained the name of the photographer and to make a long story a little shorter... she emailed him and was told that we could BUY prints. Yes. BUY prints. Now, I understand making a buck. Believe me. Anyone that knows me knows that I am ALL about making a buck. So, maybe I am being hypocritical here... but, to charge us for these pics... IMHO is highway robbery. Well, I'd be willing to pay a couple of dollars but...
Anyhoo, the photographer sent Joni the proofs and you be the judge of my rant. Go ahead. Tell me I'm outta line. Tell me that the price charged is reasonable. I can take it. However, I will not be buying any of the prints below. I will (of course) print them with the beautiful red ink in memory the Plant City Strawberry Festival.
I have a friend who is a photoshop pro. She can probably 'fix' these pics. You know who you are... I know you read my blog sometimes :) This friend is also a photographer and I am curious to see how she feels about the prices.
Thank goodness for the strawberry shortcake.

Emily and Kellie

Joni and Kellie

Shelley, Kellie, and Emily
I think this is a cute pic!
GASP. I LIKE a pic of me! GASP!

One more roller derby video.... Calculating Beetch in action

Go Beetch, go!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gem City Roller Girls Dayton, Ohio Roller Derby Action

I travelled to Dayton last weekend to experience my first flat track Roller Derby bout. Fun!

This is sister Tracy aka Calculating Beetch sliding into cuz Dave and step-dad John. Suicide seats.
After the bout with Brian and Adam.
There she is in the purple helmet. I think this is just before she spent a minute or two in the penalty box. What a bitch. Photo by Earl Sodd.
Nephew Sean, Tracy, Brian, Adam
Vikki, Cindy, and Tracy.
Yes Coach. Yes Coach. Ok Coach. Uh-huh.
No explanation needed.

Brookvillle, Ohio muffin top AND a tat - bonus for you!

I think that tat had to be a little painful but what do I know. This muffin top isn't so bad. I really wanted to showcase the tat.

Friday Night in Dayton, Canal Street Tavern, Thai Nine, and then some

I don't have any pics from Lucy Kaplansky at Canal Street but it was a nice, mellow show. Before that we had dinner at Thai Nine in the Oregon District. Tracy, Sean, Vikki, and of course me.

On the way back to Englewood we stopped at Vik's nephew's house and there was a party happening. Lots of twenty-somethings have a great time.
Tat boy and aunt.
Cross-eyed Shelley and Vikki, self portrait.

This pic is a little better.

Low Ceiling in Atlanta

After waiting in take off line for over an hour, we finally headed to the clouds. In the video you see the line of planes we pass and then see how quickly we get into the clouds. 60 feet maybe? I'm not sure but it was a very low ceiling. Yes, I'm using weatherman/air traffic controller terms now. I think I qualify for a new job.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Parksdale Farms Strawberry Shortcake,

Saturday Clyde and Ella Mae Perfect stopped by and we went to Parksdale Farms for some strawberry shortcake. As usual the line was out the door and into the parking lot. The wait was well worth it.

Ella Mae, Emily, Clyde, Gail, and John
Shortcake all around plus ice cream to top it off. Well, once you made a little dent in the shortcake you could add some frozen yum.

Gail and John Penney

Looks like I need a little more sugar and fat, huh.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Strawberry Festival, Plant City Florida, Complaints

So, every year we say we are NEVER going to the SF again! Why? Well... where do I begin? In no particular order since these will just pop into my head...

- online ticketing system SUCKS. A few years in a row we had issues both over the phone and online with buying show tickets. One year I rcvd duplicate tickets for shows. So, this year Joni and I decided to go to the ticket office the day the tickets went on sale. It was sub-zero (yes Maria!) but we braved the temps and headed to Plant City. When we arrived there was a long line and the box office wasn't scheduled to open for an hour. Some of those folks must have camped there. One lady had a heater attached to a propane gas tank like you use for your gas grill. Seriously. We waited in line for a while and eventually they distributed clipboards and ticket order forms so we would be ready when we finally arrived at the window. We completed the form and eventually the line started moving. Joni decided to see if John (DH) could go online while we were standing in line and try to buy tickets. To save you the reading and me the typing... John purchased all of our tickets before we moved 10 feet. Ridiculous. Next year we will use online only... between us we have 4-5 computers.. Oh yeah, I forgot. We AREN'T going next year.
- ticket pricing. For years the show tickets have been 5-20 dollars. This year Taylor Swift (WHO?) performed and her tickets were 45.00. Yes. FORTY FIVE DOLLARS. Usually the shows last about an hour which isn't too bad for the price. But 45?? C'mon. I think we paid an average 15 for the shows this year.
- gate tickets. 10 dollars. yes, TEN dollars just to walk thru the gate to get to the concert. The tickets are $8 if you buy them ahead of time. Well, I guess they can be 9.50. Read on.
- this is the kicker to all of the above.... Service Charges... there is a minimum 1.50 charge per ticket - even the gate ticket. I noticed on the 20.00 show they charged 2.00. So, I guess the charge increases based on ticket price. Ok, you are thinking 'everyone charges some sort of fee' and you are correct. However, those other places that charge... don't they provide the ticket? The SF charges you and then you have to print your own ticket and when you print the ticket it is in full color and takes two pages. So, let's allow the English major do a little math.... Say you want to go to 6 shows and there are 2 peeps per show. That is 12 tickets. If you bought gate tickets too (8.00 plus 1.50 service charge, a whopping fifty cents savings) those have to be printed as well. So I think I'm up to at the minimum of 30 pages you need to print. I don't have a color printer at home but I know many do... isn't printing 30 pages in color a little pricey? I'm such a cry baby, huh. LOL We did learn that you can buy tickets at a local market for 8.00 so we did that this year vs. buying them online and wasting paper/ink. I'm thinking that if I have to print them myself...why in the hell do I need to pay the SF a fee? Especially if I am buying online... very little overhead there, right? I know you are thinking (if you've read this far) please shelley, get over it. LOL
- dry show. Yes, the festival is totally dry. 'nuff said
- 2.00 water/soda/etc. I bypassed this fee this year by walking in with water bottle. Not a word was said so I will continue to bring my own drinks...well, if I continue to attend. LOL Thank goodness vodka is clear.

The other irritants all have to do with the 'security' inside the show.
- line nazis (don't step out of line, stay over there, etc.)
- camera nazis (don't stand up to take a picture, etc.)
- video nazis (don't bring a video camera - even tho everyone - including me -is shooting video on their digital camera)
- rail nazis (don't place even a fingertip on the wood rail that is four feet from the stage)
- sit your ass down nazis (these shows are all sitting shows. if you make the fatal mistake of standing for more than 3 seconds you will be told to SIT DOWN)
- no-smoking nazis (I guess this one is is an OUTSIDE show)
- take your seat nazis (no loitering, even if you stop for just a minute to get something out of your pocket. Keep moving missy)

I wonder why they don't frisk us or make us walk thru a metal detector to get into the stadium?

I sound bitter but even with all of the above I do have a good time. I'm flexible and understand that rules are required, over-pricing occurs, and some people have control issues.
Fav things about SF:
- strawberry shortcake
- blue ribbons
- alessi strawberry shortcake
- livestock
- strawberry shortcake
- dancing heads
- strawberry shortcake
I bet I will be at the SF again next year.

Jake Owen, Travis Tritt, and Kellie Pickler at the Plant City Strawberry Festival

Saturday afternoon Joni and I had a lot of fun at the Strawberry Festival. Jake Owen was the main event for the day. I think I am in love. Ok, I'm in lust. He is a little young for me but one can dream, right?

This little cutie was raised to the stage and stayed there for one song. She was adorable in her denim dress, pink hat, and cowgirl boots. She walked back and forth across the stage and totally enjoyed herself.
Joni, Jessica, and I saw Jake last year and here is the link to that post:
My second favorite show of this year's festival was Travis Tritt. I knew only 4-5 of the songs he sang and 3 of those were covers! (Texas Flood, Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys, and Take it Easy). I kinda recognized Country Club but had heard TROUBLE before. Anyhoo, I enjoyed listening to him and the band play. He had a large band and they were jamming. I'm not sure who I thought I was going to see because I thought I knew more of his music. The crowd sang along to his songs and I was clueless but still enjoyed the time. He played 2 hours and 15 minutes. Usually SF shows run about an hour...sometimes a little more. He was having fun and made everyone happy despite the sub-zero (yes, Maria, it was effing cold) weather. hee hee

Friday night we went to the Kellie Pickler show. Joni won backstage passes and she took Emily and I back with her to meet Kellie. It went so quick and they wouldn't let us use our own camera. There was a photographer there so I'm sure that for a fee we can get a copy of the pic.
Her guitarist was really good and also provided some eye candy for us girls. Kellie is so stinkin' cute! She chatted between songs and after the show came back out to sign stuff. It got a little out of hand because people started throwing all kinds of stuff for her to autograph. She is a trooper though and seems like a sincere girl. Cute too!

John and TCDITW (the cutest dog in the world)

The parental units arrived Saturday for their annual visit to the tundra. John was a little tired after driving all those hours so he decided to nap for a few minutes. Elsie joined him.