Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gaspars Brunch with a few friends and it was David's birthday too!

David and his mama, Ann.

It's all about the shoes. And Nick forgot his. Poor thing, was at brunch shoeless.

Michele wanted to practice her mean face. Actually, I think I did or said something that made her show me her mean face. I've already forgotten what I did to inspire the face.

Father and son outside Gaspar's. This is a good shot...but....

This is even better! Tracy and Shelley :)

Mac Arnold and Plate Full O Blues at the Orange Peel for LEAF

What a treat to see this show at the Peel. The description is below and I posted many videos on You Tube.

Thanks to Mac Arnold and the band for working so hard to keep the music alive.

MAC ARNOLD & PLATE FULL O’BLUES will put on a special family-friendly, community outreach performance on Monday morning, May 16, 2011. Mac Arnold is a Blues legend and one of the last to have worked with everyone from Muddy Waters to James Brown. Mac is a 2010 recipient Best Historical Album from the 31st Blues Music Awards for his participation on the 1966 recording Muddy Waters – Authorized Bootleg: Live at the Fillmore Auditorium (Geffen Records). Mac Arnold’s first band included James Brownon piano and when he moved to Chicago Muddy Waters hired him on the spot. He has recorded LPs with Otis Spann and John Lee Hooker. Mac moved to Los Angeles and produced Soul Train with his friend Don Cornelius. He even played bass on the Sanford & Son television show when he wasn’t playing bass for Otis Redding and B.B. King. Backed by his band, Mac Arnold does vocals, plays bass and his iconic Gas Can Guitars. Mac will showcase his Blues in the Schools program where he explains his legendary role in American Blues history.

LEAF (Lake Eden Arts Festival) brings many international and acclaimed artists to the festival. Through LEAF in Schools & Streets (LSS), many of the artists also REACH OUT to our local community through workshops, residencies, and enrichment programs. This special event is focused on creating arts and cultural opportunities for families, school groups and the general community. LEAF in Schools & Streets (LSS) has provided low-cost pricing to make this performance accessible to schools, families & the general community.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC and the Big Ass Fan

Kerrie's Garden, Denny's Car in Asheville

Kerrie has a beautiful garden and home. Above is a Japanese Maple (bonsai!) and below a Royal Ponciana Tree (also bonsai!). Incredible.

Some random shots of the gardens.

A volunteer foxglove down by the small barn.

With the new blogspot site I can't seem to get all photos to rotate and display correctly. Well, I'm over it. Tired of trying to figure it out. So, from time to time you will see photos that are sideways, etc. So sorry. Here's Kerrie's subtle yellow toyota.

Kerrie took us for a ride in Denny's Galaxie 500.

Vikki and Shelley in Knoxville

In downtown Knoxville there is a HUGE sculpture built into the ground of a boy in a sinking rowboat. It seemed like a good photo opp.

Paul Thorn at the Orange Peel in Asheville with the Greencards

Last weekend I travelled to Asheville to visit Rocky, Jean, and Kerrie. Liz went along and Vikki drove south from Cincinnati and completed the ensemble. As an added bonus, I was fortunate to hang out with one of my favorite groups, the Paul Thorn Band.

The boys enjoying mom's cookies. Thanks to Vikki for transporting the goods from Dayton.

We made a new friend, David Guerra from NYC. He was walking by the OP and stopped. We started talking, he didn't have a ticket, I had a few extra... he bought one and the rest is history. Another PTB fan! Nice meeting you David.
When the Greencards come to your town, do yourself a HUGE favor and take the time to see this incredible band. High energy, exceptional musicians, and a lot of fun to watch. I hope they make it to Tampa soon.

Paul Thorn at the Bijou Theatre in Knxoville

I made 2 more new friends at this show. Paul's shows have this affect on people it seems. Patti Zimmerman and Suzy Rogers.

Here's Ralph shaking it for the crowd. The Bijou Theatre reminded me of the Tampa Theatre but on a smaller scale. It was a very nice place to have a show and all participants were having a great time. After the Two Loud Bitches left it got even better. One of my fav memories is Paul and his new Knock-Knock joke written on the spot.