Sunday, May 25, 2008

Card Making Fool

Hi all, I'm feeling like I've abandoned my hobby lately. So, I decided this weekend would be a card-making weekend. I'm doing OK so far but want to get so much more done! I'm so hard on myself. Anyhoo, here's a few samples. They need inside sentiments and then they are D.O.N.E. I got started on the monochrome due to making Aunt Carole's birthday (card above). I CASED her card from a magazine but when you compare the pic to my card....they aren't really very similar. I found a short stack of B&W paper and my goal was to USE ALL OF IT. Well, there is still A LOT of paper in that stack and I think I have about 25 cards. Also, I was trying to use some metal that I've had forever.... like pink rivets... I'm trying to eliminate my stash of rivets. Brads are much more Shelley-User-Friendly.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chaperoning... Mouseville

A few Fridays ago I chaperoned Emily's end-of-year school trip to Disney. I hadn't been there in about 15 years and at that time was totally disappointed because of the crowds and waits. This time we were fortunate. We had short wait times on most rides. Some less than 5 minutes. We rode Space Mountain 3 times and I'm told that is almost unheard of! Emily is the second tallest chickie, third from the right.

Shoutout to Sheetload....
Check out Sheetload's blog. So many beautiful bella cards this time around. Add them to your blog reader and have fun perusing the creative cards they add.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yes, Size Does Matter

Here it is girls....the big one has arrived... Well, it isn't the BIGGEST one but it is sizable. Get your minds outta the gutter. I'm talkin' about my KnK. Joni and I decided to stimulate the ecomony and blew our checks all at once. Now, what in the heck am I going to do with this thing? I have lots of ideas and I'll be blogging some stuff. When? Who knows. I have to learn how to use the dang thing first. She has the Wishblade and knows how to use that cutter so hopefully she'll be able to figure this one out quickly and then show me. Yes, we both bought a cutter. Two of them. That is her box in the background. Wow.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

BB King

Friday night I was fortunate to see BB King in concert. He's 82 years old and still full of life. He doesn't play Lucille like he did in the past but he loves to tell jokes and his personal history. It was an enjoyable evening and one I won't soon forget. He is escorted to the stage and sits while he performs. The band is incredible and includes all versions of the saxophone, trumpets, keys, percussion, electric guitar, and bass.