Saturday, December 26, 2015

Star Wars Gingerbread House - before and after

More after Christmas goodies

Well, the big reindeer I bought a week ago on sale but I'm counting it in the 2015 decor. Some of these items are gifts and some gifts purchased are NOT shown. :)

I was stressed so mom gave me drugs

I feel much better now. So sleepy!

Christmas is exhausting

Sign for star war peeps

Sisters movie with Kelly and Leon after yummy dinner at Miguel's.

Gift wrapping for Greyhounds!

Big fundraiser every year. We wrap gifts at the Barnes and Noble bookstore for donations. Christmas Eve tradition.

Horseshoe snowman from jimmy


Could not leave this in the store

Day after Christmas shopping is FUN. I've decided I need to do this every year. Maybe. Hmmmm

Monday, December 21, 2015

How pampered are your pets?

Do you refill the water bowl every night and bring it to them before bedtime? Yep. I do. They expect it. I started it with Elsie. Why? I don't know. Then Annie came along. Elsie sometimes gets irritated (do dogs get irritated?) when Annie pushes her way in. I just love these two. Even though I sometimes (daily) call Annie a bad name, I still love her. My lifesavers.

Bird Crazy Christmas Card!

Uncle Clyde and Aunt Ella Mae

A special surprise treat for me. I got to spend an hour Sunday and two hours Monday with my aunt and uncle.

Dunkin Donuts but no donuts

Fun gift from the Damicos and Coys! Awesome variety in here.

Three random food shots from house concert

Dales yummy lemon bars and Cheryl's fabulous phyllo spinach pie AND orzo magic.

Damon Fowler Trio