Wednesday, June 6, 2012

FINALLY! only took 10.5 weeks but I'm refinanced

yes, almost 11 weeks to re-finance a home.  ridiculous.

blogger / blogspot editing features (NEW and IMPROVED) suck!

what is up with these new features?  I wait for minutes to upload photos and then they disappear.  I finally get them added to the page and try to add text... and the photos jump around.  I'm so over this 'new and improved' site!  I'm going shopping for a real website and will keep you posted when my blog address changes.

No trip to Memphis is complete without visting Graceland

 Yes, I've been there multiple times and I will go (at least a drive-by to write on the wall) whenever I'm in town.  I think it may be the only tradition I have in my life. (aside from house cleaning and going to work of course)

 I love to write on the wall.  I think they thought I was crazy.  I am crazy.  I know it and am OK with it.

Going downstairs via the mirrored hall.  Yes, mirrors on walls and ceilings.   

Jessica in the Jungle Room.  Since I can't get this new format of this dumbass blogger to work... won't let me add text above the pic of Jess....  Scroll up one photo and that mirror is in the Jungle Room too.  Since I can't make this damn blogger work and I've spent 30 minutes on something that should have taken 5, i'm a little irritated.  The photos are not in order any longer.  Next is another photo of us at the historical marker (was originally with the others above).  Then, you see Joni in the kitchen and finally the photo of the mirror as already mentioned above.  I'm so over blogger.  I guess it is time to actually PAY for a website with REAL editing features.

Graceland Too - Paul McLeod is alive and well in Holly Springs, MS - June 2012

He repainted the house a few months ago and says he has 300 more cans of blue spray paint to finish the job.  I'm not sure what else there is to paint.  I wish I would have shot photos of his neighbor's homes.  Picture this house in your neighborhood.  A normal neighborhood with brick homes, manicured lawns, sidewalks.  Yes, this could be your neighbor. 
As we were trying to escape we needed one more shot of Paul.

 The Foyer.  Every wall, ceiling, and floor is covered with SOMETHING ELVIS.
 This porno shot is on the ceiling.

 He has an electric chair in the backyard with a colander for your head.  Everything in the backyard has a new coat of grey paint.
One of the walls of records.  I have a few videos on you tube if you are interested in seeing more and listening to his rambling.

March Fourth Marching Band at Levitt Band Shell, Memphis, TN

A happy coincidence occured to me as I was browsing 'things to do in Memphis'.... A band I saw at Skippers last year was scheduled to perform a free show at a bandshell in town.  Woo-Hoo.  Stilt walkers, fire eaters, burlesque, horns, guitars, hula-hoops, pole dancing, and more.... 23 members in this ensemble.  If you see they are going to be in your town - GO SEE THE BAND!  lots of fun.

Sun Studios

While Liz and Jess took a tour of a local brewery, Joni and I visited Sun Studios.  This is one of my favorite places to visit in Memphis.  The tour guides are all unique in their delivery and I hear different tidbits each time I attend.

Memphis seems to be a Coca-Cola town but Joni spotted an old Pepsi vending machine at Sun.  Unfortunately it wasn't in working order.

Joni and Jessica at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis after the parade of ducks