Thursday, May 15, 2014

Death of an avocado

Bummer.  Scissors for size reference.  This is the first producing year.  Maybe next year will be better.  Young tree. 

Elsie using the floor as pillow

Maybe she doesn't want her face near Annie.  

Sunday, May 11, 2014


We are all so tired. 

The Beep Beep

Sunday laziness after an exhausting weekend. 

Tropical Heatwave Day 2

I arrived around 4 to start prepping the area in which I was volunteering for the day.  Later I started roaming around with my friends.  I was in bed by 330am.  

Found these two as I headed through the crowd to my booth.  Aren't they fabulous!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pillow stealer and bed hog

Usually the nose is peeking out. I thought this was funny. Not the pillow stealer though.  She will be moved as soon as I finish this post.  

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Elsie always does this

She presses her cheek or sometimes her ear on my face. Or anyone else who will let her. I say I'm telling her a secret.

Watching the derby

Making my own shandy is the best

Went to bed at 1:30 AM woke at 3:30AM with this nightmare

This might be too much information but I'm going to try some new self-therapy. :) I might not post more dreams but I will journal some of them. This dream had so many significant things in it that pertained or related to what has happened in my life over the last few days/weeks that I had to get it down. I chose to publicly post in case any non-dreamers were interested in what us nightmare dreamers experience. I may delete it in a few days.

I've said for years that one reason I'm so exhausted during the day is because I'm so active all night. Some dreams are not as bad as others. Sometimes I have to get out of bed and wake totally up before I go back to bed because the dream will resume. This was the case last night. This was a terrifying dream to me. And when I dream I don't know I'm dreaming. I feel like I am awake and experiencing everything that's happening in my dreams.

If you dream, you know details can be sketchy and segments skip around, people change, things seem familiar while dreaming but are totally foreign upon awaking. I dictated this to Siri at 3:30 AM after I got up and as I was walking around to ensure I was 100% because I was so shaken. The dictated version was really funny in parts when I read it this morning because Siri could not understand what I was saying and I was probably talking really fast. But I wanted to get down as much as possible before it all faded away. I will read this again later and check for typos. So don't hold it against me at this point. :)

here we go.

The earliest part of this dream I had received bad news at work. I don't have particulars. I was driving to a place in this re-occurring dream neighborhood that reminds me of old north Dayton. For those of you who know the area, think riverside, siebenthaler, Main Street, barnsider, etc location. It doesn't look exactly like that area, but while I'm dreaming that's where I feel that I am located. I haven't figured out yet why this neighborhood reoccurs. Now that I've written it down it may go away and I may never dream about this neighborhood again.

Back to the dream. So, I'm driving around this neighborhood and find this restaurant where I have to go drop off some stuff. I parked the car and I walked upstairs and when I walk in the restaurant there were people that I knew sitting at booths and eating. Strange thing is these people I haven't seen for years. They were old Medco customer service representatives. I guess it's not really strange to those of us to dream all the time because things and people from our past frequently reappear for no obvious reason. So I talked to them for a little while about what had just happened at work. I still at this point don't know what the bad news was but in my dream everybody was highly upset. Also as I would talk to a group and then say goodbye I would walk a few more steps and there would be another group of people at another table that I didn't notice at first and I would stop and have the same or similar conversation again.

For some reason I went back to my car but it was in a different parking spot. I found it and then I went back to the house. It wasn't like a regular house because as I've already discovered it has a restaurant attached. Well, there is also a performing arts center attached. Not a huge place but there were lots of people. I wasn't volunteering or working. I wasn't attending the show. But someone who worked there did ask me to go get some change because she had run out of ones. She gave me a lot of money and asked me to go get change at the bank. The bank was about three flights of stairs up and on the other side of the house - not in the house but attached to it somehow. Also I had a room in this house I didn't live there but I had a bedroom on the bottom corner. For some reason in this dream I was asked to get other items for other people and I was going here and there in this house structure to gather these items. I never finished gathering all those items. A Huge storm started with torrential rain and wind. As soon as the storm was over I went out to see if there was any damage. A huge oak tree had split and part of it fell over. Not on the house though. Some branches were in power lines but nothing was happening with electricity. Now at this point in the dream this house is like a huge bed-and-breakfast or something. I didn't live there but I was staying there. Not for long- I just had a room there. More people started coming out of the house to see the storm damage. In my dream I recognize them- an older couple. Also a younger husband and wife with a few kids. There were a few other assorted people. In my dream I knew that they all were staying at the house. The husband and wife and children and the older couple live there permanently, the others were just visiting or renting rooms I'm not sure. The family and the older couple are related I don't know how but somehow they are family. I also think they're the ones who own the house.

At this point in the dream I tell this group of people that I'm going to pack and leave because it looks like that big tree might fall onto the corner of the house and on my room.

Then we noticed that that the young dad had gone up on the roof and was trying to get a branch of the power lines. We all screamed and yelled at him to get down off the house and away from the power lines. He got the big branch out and it came rolling down the roof. It flipped over our heads and went into the backyard. There was a huge light pole that it smashed into and little pieces flew around. But nothing hit us. We turned around to look at him again and said to get off the house. He was then over near this wall which I don't know where this wall was but he was doing something by the wall trying to get down and somehow touched one of the powerlines. We all watched him get electrocuted. We watched his body shake and we watched him struggle as he tried to get off the wall.

And that was the end of my dream because I woke up crying and shaking and hysterical because I had just seen someone get electrocuted, shake, panic, and die.

I understand the significance about why I dreamt the majority of this horror story. I can analyze each part. The part I'm unsure about is why the young man died in the end and why all of us saw it - including his kids. I can speculate but who really knows.