Thursday, November 26, 2009

My favorite holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
I am thankful for:
- Joni, she's cooking the turkey today - and I can't wait to eat that cranberry stuff she bakes! Yum
- my family for always listening to me ramble on and supporting me in everything.
- my friends who are always there for me. (and for listening to me ramble!)
- my health and employment.
- the paws who run my life!
Have a fun day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dogs aren't supposed to have chocolate, correct?

..that doesn't mean they don't WANT to have chocolate!
I have a chow hound in the house right now and he got into a goodie bag for a friend. I heard something and he was so busted! Maybe he was just looking for his golden ticket?

Pumpkin Roll... rolling right into a big 'ol mess

So, I was gonna make a pumpkin roll cake for Thanksgiving. When it came time to remove it from the pan and roll it in powdered sugar....well, it was heavy and hot and I couldn't manage it. I dropped the dang thing. For some weird reason I had the oven open and was standing right there. The cake dropped onto the door and split, etc. Part of it went thru the door opening into the drawer below, part on the floor, a chunk in the oven. I was so ...well, you can imagine. I nearly threw it all into the garbage and then I thought, 'Heck No! I'm gonna eat it if nothing else.'
I was able to cut some of it into squares and the other parts are just chunks. I had a nice plate of crumbs and smaller pieces that I've been eating all day.
Above was shot with the phone 'cause I was too distraught to find the real camera.
This is the finished product. This picture makes the cakes look small but they are 2" square or so ... and various shapes.
Jess, I was doing so good.... I even made 1/2 of the cake sans walnuts!

Facebook Scams, for real, google it if you doubt me


Person A: Facebook account is hacked
Person B: Logged into Facebook and thinks he/she is chatting with Person A
Person A: (not the real person A) convinces Person B that he/she is stranded in London, has been robbed, is injured, etc. etc. etc. and needs money NOW. Not later, NOW.
Person B: is in distress thinking his/her close friend is in trouble and wires money to London.
Person A: (again, fake person) collects the cash and deactivates the Facebook account, after taking all personal info, deleting all friends, etc.

This is real people. It happened to close friends of mine. Seriously. Monday. In a matter of hours while Person A was at work. Person B is now out of an undisclosed amount of cash. It is not recoverable.

I'm not kidding.

Google this: Facebook London Scams or any variation.

You all know I deactivated my FB account a while back. Well, Monday evening I went in and hid all information, deleted most friends, etc. I'm not taking a chance.

I know it does not seem possible that this could happen. Apparently these con artists are VERY convincing.

Just wanted you to know that it does happen to real, intelligent, loving, caring, compassionate, people. It could happen to anyone.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bacon Brothers, Polk Theatre, Lakeland, FL 10/18/09 With Bellamy Brothers

I had tickets to a Neko Case show and really want to see her someday but realized a few weeks after I bought those ticket that there was another show in town I had planned on attending. Double booked! I sold the NC tickets and off we went to Lakeland to see the Bacon Brothers. Yes, Kevin Bacon and his big bro Mike. The first hour or so of the show I was wondering if I made the best musical choice that night but then the jive kicked in and those boys rocked. They have a very strong backing band and were joined onstage for two songs by the Bellamy Brothers. Apparently they have recorded together and since the Bellamy Brothers are from this area, they decided to make the journey to Lakeland.

Here are some videos I shot at the show - not the best audio, I was using the little camera. (includes Bellamy Brothers - I believe this is the song they released together.) (Let Your Love Flow LoL, seriously, they played it. The Bellamy Brothers brought a smokin' guitar player with them.) This video begins with Mike playing the Celllo. This is Kevin's song he wrote as a tribute to the giant squid that was murdered due to scientists feeling the need to explore that squid's home deep in the sea. (Rolling Stones cover The Last Time)

The pool is finished!

One guy was constantly mixingi the stuff and refilling the wheelbarrow that was in the pool. Another guy would dip a bucket in here and throw it on the walls while the others were working it down the wall.
Newly installed geckos. In hindsight, they should be closer to the floor, not closer to the top. Who knew?

Old style spa area near the deep end with more geckos.

Geckos on the steps!

The pool finish looks white but there are tiny flecks of blue and black in there which helps the sun reflect the color - hence 'blue water' appearance. Again, hindsight is 20/20 and I wish I would have picked a different color. But, it is very nice and looks beautiful. Much better than that old chipped, spotted, and stained pool!

It took almost 24 hours to refill the pool. This was taken at night, about 6 hours after the water started pouring in.

6am the next morning:

I had a salt water system installed as well. No more chlorine jugs. I'm skeptical but have read really good things about it. I keep hearing grandad saying 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' and the old system worked fine. However, salt is easier on everything and supposedly the maintenance is easier. We'll see! Who wants to have a pool party? email me and I'll put something together. The water is way too cold for me but some of you peeps don't mind it a bit.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Publix shopping carts - return it when finished

Publix installed these green shopping cart corrals a while back. The idea is, after you finish with the cart, you should wheel it a few steps further to the corral. Easy concept, correct?
I personally always return my cart to the store and when I arrive if there is one in the lot, I'll take it in with me. Just doing my part to keep the carts in line.
What I don't understand is why peeps can't walk the dang cart to the corral? Just a Friday morning rant. Tiny in the big scheme of things I know...
Friday, November 20, 2009.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Leroy Franklin .. . Does Elsie the chihuahua have a brother?

Isn't he handsome? He seems HUGE compared to Elsie but he's really not that big. Until he tries to sit or stand on me. LOL

They sleep together.

Elsie shares her blankies.

Elsie likes to be right next to him and they both have to be right next to me.

..and they play....

when he doesn't play, she chews on his hind leg or nibbles at his collar or ear. He bites back sometimes but they are both gentle biters. LOL I've heard only one yip from her so far today.

She's going in for the attack.

Hey, play with me.

She is nibbling on him. Antagonizer.
Let's see who can get closer:

When they aren't sleeping they are both trying to get on my lap. I took these as I was adding the pics above to this blog. See the PC keyboard in the lower left? They are ridiculous sometimes!

Pool Refinish part 2

While I was away the work progressed on the pool. They drained it and started chipping away the loose stuff.

Throughout the process they've done a few acid washes and also applied coats of this and that.

Yep, that's Miss Daisy in this shot:

Today he re-grouted the tile around the top of the pool and applied two more coats of something on the surface.

Then, he was very patient as I tried to decide where to put the dang lizards! We moved them here and there and back. I finally decided on a few on the steps....

....and a few more lizards on the wall....

...and a few more on the wall near the 'spa' end of the pool.

They may put the final coat on tomorrow. I'll keep ya posted!

More sites around Memphis

I visited so many places and there are many more on my list. A close 2nd to Graceland on my favorite list in Memphis was Stax Records. They did a great job of compiling and displaying the history. BUT - NO PICTURES. NONE at all. I didn't cheat and use my phone; I respected their wishes but DANG. I needed a pic of that Superfly Gold-Plated Cadillac El Dorado once owned by Issac Hayes!
Imitation Elsie got a few whistles from the workers across the street and also some peeps driving by. She was a little embarrased but happy she was noticed! This is a sad site just around the corner from Stax. Many of the musicians who recorded there were from this neighborhood which was a little worn but had character.
Here is Lisa, one of my co-workers. We had a little time so I took her to the Civil Rights museum. This was the 2nd visit in three days for me. I still cried at the end of the film. Another life taken at such a young age.
Another stop was the Rock and Soul museum in downtown Memphis. That was a lot of fun too. Again, the little radios with recording narrations provided by satellite radio.
The Gibson Guitar factory is across the street but had cancelled a few tours that day and I didn't want to wait a few hours. So, I'll just have to go back to Memphis so I can see how those amazing instruments are made.
I ate a lot of pulled pork and bbq last week. I have now acquired a taste for all kinds of bbq! I stopped here because the place was packed and I figured...if the locals eat here, so should I. Well, I found out later this place is somewhat famous :) It is along side a busy road and I passed it a few times going from here to there and kept seeing all the locals in there. Work vans, work trucks, etc.

I had sweet potato pancakes at the Arcade, the oldest restaurant in Memphis. I'm gonna make some just as soon as I get to the market and the ingredients! This place is a block from the Civil Rights Museum. If you go there, eat here!

While browsing the many gift shops at Graceland I kept seeing these chocolate bars, chocolate guitars, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. I finally looked at the back of one expecting to see McChocolate or something but there was a name I didn't recognize: Dinstuhl's. Of course the librarian in me had to research this place. I found out that they are like the Esther Price of Dayton. I went to one of the stores before I went to the airport and had to partake. The reason they are in Graceland is because Elvis used to buy his candy here. He had Lisa Marie's Easter baskets made by Dinstuhls, etc. Chocolate fit for a king. Works for me. I even bought some chocolate covered grapes. Don't knock it 'til you try it. They were awesome.
Ground Zero Blues Club - Memphis
I went here twice and I think the food is much better at the Clarksdale location. However, in Memphis you can get sweet potato fries or a baked sweet potato with your meal. yum. The music was knock-your-socks off good at this place tho. It is one block off Beale Street and I will return. I wasn't impressed with Beale Street at all. I walked up one side and down the other and hit the road. I'd go again tho if someone wanted...any takers?
I have to admit that this was the nicest place I stayed on this journey. The Marriott at Thousand Oaks.

I was looking for a few books so I (of course!) googled 'used books Memphis' and found this little place close to downtown. I loved this shop and hope it stays in business forever. Support your local used book and music stores!

I think that about wraps this jaunt for now. It was loads of fun, exhausting, saddening, enlightning (sp), and I'd do it again next week.

Although, I do want to go to Nashville the next time I'm scheduled for Memphis. I will take one day and go back to Clarksdale and reconnect with the blues roots.

I hope I didn't bore you too much!

Property gates of The Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis

No wall of tributes here but I read that in the past the planks were covered with messages. It looks like it could use a little TLC here and there. It is a beautiful drive to get to this place through winding roads.