Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some people feel the rain... OR, how I create a card

First, I did not create the umbrella card with the orange center border. It is on a blog someplace and I thought it was cute and since these creative people post their ideas for slow people like me, I thought I'd try to duplicate it in some fashion. Sometimes I get in a card-rut and can't figure out any ideas. During these times I search the web and for inspiration. I pulled out a smilar border punch to make the center strip and started looking around for an umbrella. I couldn't believe it but NONE of my cricut cartridges have an umbrella. Oh my. I went thru my stash of dies. Again, nothing. So, what does any self-respecting stamper do? They go to the online shop of the stamp company and just buy whatever is needed.

As I spent (way too much) time looking through all of the cool die-namics on the My Favorite Things site it dawned on me that I have this huge Tim Holtz die of a man holding an umbrella. I pulled it out and cut one and thought well, I could just cut off the umbrella. Problem solved. Next, the sentiment. I have drawers of wood mounted stamps and piles of cling stamps and just couldn't find something suitable. Remember, my pea brain is trying to DUPLICATE this card and my pea brain hasn't yet zeroed in on the fact that I DON'T DUPLICATE cards! My pea brain does not work that way... Back to the sentiment... I have a set with this great Bob Dylan sentiment and decided to use it.
As I started going through my small supply (ha ha) of patterened paper an idea just dawned on me. Yes, this is how it usually happens, I go down one path, find the fork, and change directions. No fancy paper. No punched center border. Do not cut the umbrella off the man - he's very cool with it.... So, here is my finished product. I'm sure you can totally see how the top card inspired my finished product, right? Perhaps you don't find this post as amusing as me but I just had this on my mind and wanted to get it down for future reading.p.s. Inside sentiment: others just get wet (I stamped the umbrella man inside) YES YES YES, I have this man in BOTH the die and the stamp. Two stamps actually. One is just a little larger than the other - - he was included as part of a set so what could I do??? I admit, I have way too much stamping stuff. That's the first step, correct?

Anyone want to come over and make cards with me?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My ETSY shop is finally stocked....

It took me only four years to actually stock the ETSY shop... but it is done and more will be added tomorrow. I'm your handmade, homemade, custom-made greeting card source! Tell me what you want, what you really, really want, and I will do my best to create you the Perfect cards. Share with your friends! TY for your previous support. I appreciate your business.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Penny the Boxer . . . Her First Visit to Old Darby Street

Penny visited last night and she had lots of fun playing with these squeaky balls sent from Aunt Carole. One rolled under the cabinet and she spent a little time trying to retrieve it.Later we went out back for a swim - which didn't go over so well - and as she dried the fun began with the other paws. Here she is intently watching Miss Daisy.

Penny's view.
Annie finally ventured outside and as I held her she got a little snippy. Earlier when they were running around the yard, Annie was making this hilarious little yippy sound. Warning sounds I guess? Then the teeth came out. LOL Penny wasn't intimidated at all and just wanted to play. She got bored with the little yapper after a while. Hopefully she'll come back to visit again soon and bring her brother (Dexter) and sister (Sookie). My ankle biters need some entertainment.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Avocado is blooming!

I hope there is another tree nearby so it gets some cross pollinating. I will know soon, right?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

John (and Daisy) the snake wranglers

Mom was chatting on the phone while sitting out on the patio this morning. All of a sudden we hear her shouting 'JOHN JOHN JOHN..there's a ... there's a.... there's a...' as she runs into the kitchen. She can't even say the word.
So, we go out and there's Daisy batting and boxing with a little black racer who has found his way into the screen room. I haven't had a snake on the patio in years and of course one appears today, while mom is out there.... See the little dog door above Daisy's head? Daisy is mad because we are all trying to get her to leave the snake alone and get in the house. John asked me what I do when I get a snake on the porch and I told him I usually go out and prop the screen doors open and then take the loooooonnnnnnngggggg pool broom and scoot them along 'til they work their way out. Well, he grabbed the pool net instead and started wrangling the slippery thing.

The snake was not going to be worked back towards the open doggie door. Instead he chose to go under and around the grill.

You'll have to turn your head sideways to look at this photo. I'm too lazy to take it out and fix it.

John was successful and captured the snake. He then put it over the back fence. I hope he stays out of my yard. Between the dogs, cat, and my new snake wrangler I think he'd be better off at the neighbors house.

Tulips in bloom in Florida!