Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some Old Photos . . .

I bought a scanner this week and if I would have known it would have been so much fun, I would have bought one years ago.
Above is a photo of my grandad Perfect in the mail car of the Pennsylvania Railroad. He was a career mailman - but never door to door - always railcar to railcar. Leroy Franklin Perfect Sr. Skinny dude in the back with the white shirt.

This is my Aunt Pat McClain and my mom Gail Ann Penney. This was shot in 1982 in the backyard of our house on Seville Drive in Englewood, Ohio.

In this photo you see my grandmother Lois Laura McClain (Heinbeck then Logsdon) and my mom Gail Ann Heinbeck. Grandma is smokin in more ways than one!

Grandad Perfect on the left and Joe Heinbeck (Grandpa Joe) on the right.

Grandpa Joe Heinbeck and mama (toddler!) Gail Ann Heinbeck.

How old is Jeffrey Perkins from the Paul Thorn Band (he's 53 and married)

If you have a blog and are interested in who hits your blog and how they find it, you can attach a widget to track the hits. The results are kind of vague but sometimes it is fun (to me!) to see these stats. So, last night I clicked the widget and as I was scrolling down I see that someone hit on my Paul-A-Palooza post.

A person from Livonia, MI was trying to determine the age of Jeffrey Perkins! It is the last line in this screen shot. To enlarge, click the photo. You can also click the Feedjit Live Traffic Feed Real Time View link (on the right side of the screen, scroll down) if you want to see these stats.