Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Watch Dog and pic shot outside the museum

A wonderful and fun piece of art but not a great pic of us!

Leepa-Rattner Museum

Interesting watercolor.

Jan's birthday

We didn't tell them it was her birthday until after they sang happy birthday to someone else in the restaurant. Then two other people said it was also their birthday. So, the owner brought baklava!
I hope jan does not see this post!

Greek Orthodox Church in Tarpon Springs

Jan always wanted to go inside of this church to see the weeping icon. So, it's her birthday and we're doing what she wants. Very nice church built in the 50s.

Shamrock Pub history

Fun letter and history of the land under the pub. Neon sign reflections in the photo. I couldn't get a shot without some sort of dang reflection!