Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ready for bed – clean sheets!

Traumatic day for me today

I know, it's only a neon sign. However, I've had this for many years. It was a very old sign. I paid only $20 for it from a small shop in Umatilla Florida. It didn't have a plug. The man didn't know if it worked. I had a plug attached to the wire and was so happy to see it come on and start blinking. I have protected this thing like a baby for many years. Today it met it's demise via the cleaning lady.
Totally my fault. I was going to warn her about those lights and to be careful moving them. Instead I got to be on conference calls all day and didn't get to speak to her hardly at all. It was her first time ever cleaning my house. She was upset. Not as upset as I was, or still am. However, this is a great thing for me. It is a material item and I'm now separated from it. No more worrying about it getting broken. And trying to figure out how to hang it. It is very heavy And requires special bolts for the wall. Just one less thing attached to me. Although I have to admit this was one item I would always take with me wherever I move. Now it will have a new home in the dumpster. I've seen only one other neon like this and that was in a movie. Very rare. Okay I will stop morning now. This is my tribute to my Coors for Florida neon sign.

Monday, September 23, 2013

My ear and head still hurt

From when that bitch Annie bit me last night. She acts like nothing happened.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Annie drew blood

This time it is Elsie's blood. Her ear. Annie will be having more crate time when I'm away. I gave them their treats as I was leaving and I heard Elsie scream - and I was in the car, in the garage. Went in an Annie had gobbled her great and stolen Elsie's. after nipping her ear. Elsie was whimpering and looked so pitiful. I pried that damn treat from Annie's jaws and put her on the crate. I felt bad leaving Elsie but I had plans with Joni. From now on Annie will be in the crate as I leave and maybe at night too.