Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Going Big Time with card sales :)

Many of you know that I've been selling cards for years. Well, I'm expanding and not just around the waistline.

The next paragraph is totally robbed from a friends blog.... but... this is all true, so check us out....

A couple friends and I have decided that we would give a go at making cards and mini albums to sell...and we've started a blog to showcase a SAMPLE of what we can do for you.
We Are Full of Scrap was created so you can get some ideas and hire US to do the work for you!
Visit and check back often, as projects will be added on a regular basis!
AND, you can email us at WeAreFullofScrap@gmail.com if you want to place an order or have any questions.

We will also have a line of more 'adult' cards that will be linked from the blog. You may love them or hate 'em but we will still make 'em.

WHAT??? 30 plus years...

...and no cavities... and then today...today.... I go for my regular six month cleaning and what in the hell? Years ago my dentist replaced my original old silver fillings with pretty white stuff. Those fillings were done by a dentist in Englewood, Ohio who retired years ago. He did a great job and I've been lucky to not have a cavity since. So..... WHY?
I brush and floss daily. I go to the dentist regularly. I was just there six months ago. I had no idea a cavity, albeit tiny, could grow so quickly.
They have an opening Monday at 2pm so I'll be there getting this thing fixed. Of course it is on the top, way in back. That will make my jaw feel wonderful (TMJ sufferer).

On another note, what an awesome camera! I went out in the backyard in the sunshine and put the super macro on.... then I put the camera in my mouth (no comments please) and took about 10 pics. Pretty darn good! LOL
Back to the dentist.... I've had a cracked lower molar for years (night grinder) and it is time to do something about that too. They took xrays today and we will examine them Monday and decide what to do. I'm afraid a root canal and for sure a cap is in my near future.
Thank goodness for novacaine. Shoot me up, doc.

Anything she can do I can do better....

I finally caught him on film! I noticed one day that Dice was out in the yard and he had been on the porch with Elsie.

Then, another day the opposite happened. They were both on the porch and had been out in the yard. Hmmmm, is he going thru the dog door - or is there a big ass hole in the screen room?

The answer is above. How cute is that!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Must be present to win

Last week the HD dealer in Tampa was giving away an 883 Sportster. Must be present to win. Well, Cheryl needs a bike so we (her daughter, brother, and co-worker Marc) went down there to get her bike. Unfortunately there was a mix-up in the drawing and some guy from Tampa won the bike. Next time. Robbie and Shanna Browning were there as well but bonehead me didn't get a picture. Again, next time.
Me and my bike before heading home. Yes mom, I wear my helmet (but I don't like it).
A'Shia, Cheryl (Ms. Johnson to you), Shelley, and William
Isn't Cheryl's daughter beautiful?

Stryker the bird!

Purple Rain
Marc getting ready to take my bike for a quick spin around the park. This is a toy compared to Purple Rain.

I almost didn't post this picture. But, Marc (and a few other co-workers) have this THING for McD's apple pies. This was the first time I wasn in McDs in years. Yes, Maria, document this.... I was IN A McDONALD's. But, I didn't eat anything. I was good. Marc, being the true biker. Rearranged his cornbread muffins that were already in his backpack to make room for the two, yes TWO, apple pies he purchased.
Thanks to Marc for sacrificing his evening to ride with me all the way downtown in rush hour traffic AND spending hours looking at bikes, waiting for our names to be called, and then riding back thru Tampa home. It was very difficult for him to pass the first McDs. I realized this fact and agreed to stop at next possible McD.

How many fingers are you? I AM OLD

APOLOGIES to all who called me today! I discovered my phone was still on mute from the concert Friday night. I missed lots of calls. :(
I had TWO birthday cakes! Joni brought a carrot cake (we must have our veggies) and Jimmy baked me a pineapple upside down cake (and we must have our fruits too!).
Yes, chicks watch football too. Maria, Monica, and Amanda having lunch and checking out the Bucs game.

Riley and her new love, the Frog. She made stuff for herself and also kept busy cutting letters for Joni and me.

Maria was very busy today. She made lots of cards and a 6x6 mini album. WOW!
I'm hard at work, huh.

Look at that Riley. She is so into that Frog.

Nice smiles!

Joni, Monica, Riley, and the birthday girl. Amanda and Monica stamped LOTS of stuff. Joni got a good start on three 6x6 ACE albums.

Isn't Riley adorable?

Elsie and Dice are exhausted.

Wow, they let 'em drive early in Florida

Look at Ronan getting ready to take Elsie (in pink princess bag) for a spin in the Miata! He climbed in and didn't want to get out. After a little pouting he was in his mama's arms. Then, the headlights! WOW - do it again! He loves anything with a motor. He was fascinated with those headlights going up and down.
I think we should all pitch in and get him a roomba or one of those other vacs for his birthday.
Tonight I was the Egal's for my special birthday dinner. Maria spent two days cooking her mama's special soup. (MARIA: comment with the CORRECT name of the soup please!). I can't believe we didn't take any pics. Here are a few highlights:
- Riley presenting me with my gift. I was told she worked a long time creating my special present and i will post pics as we use it.
- Ronan seriously considering what movie to watch.
- Riley (SORRY RYAN) announcing that he shouldn't have ice cream because... well, I won't put it in print but let's say the wii fit wasn't very nice to Ryan yesterday.
- Ronan scooping Elsie into his arms all by himself.
- Ronan wanting me to hold Elsie in one arm and him in the other and showing him in the mirror how we looked.
- Riley quickly renaming and then mastering the Frog (aka cricut) and her pouty face when she realized it wasn't staying at her house.... yes, you may borrow it whenever you want :)
- Eating yummy soup AND taking some home with me for lunch tomorrow.
I'll add more as I remember - or as I'm reminded! smile
Thanks to the Egal's for a wonderful birthday dinner. I'm so fortunate to have them in my life.

Look at those faces!

Aren't they adorable! I hope their mama doesn't mind me posting their pic. I was sooooo happy to meet them and spend a few quick minutes chatting. So polite, personable, ...little cutie pies. Elsie loved them too. I hope to see them again in the near future.

Yard Stuff

Some of my plumeria (plumeriae?!!) are starting to bud and bloom.
They are incredible flowers.

This poor baby is (was??) a beautiful red. It was blooming one day and the next I went out and it was snapped off near the ground. I guess a squirrel fell on it? Not sure but I made the stalks into cuttings and they don't look so good right now. I'm hoping to get another started soon.
This is an un-named light pink that blooms every year. Underneath it has pink stripes along the edges.

This is the wonder that inspired this post. I can't even describe the color and fragrance. The picture doesn't do it justice. Isn't mother nature awesome?

Last but not least... my key lime is producing this year. Well, last year it gave me 5-6 fruits. This year it should have at least 50! Can you say MARGARITA? yum yum yum

Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt Friday 9/26/08

My birthday weekend started off with an entertaining evening at Ruth Eckerd Hall with Lyle and John. The camera police were in full force so there were no photo opps. I snapped two and they both are bad but I'm posting them anyway! I didn't get to talk to Lyle so I guess the wedding is OFF. Dam
I was only a few feet away but I had time to snap only one before the tap on the shoulder. Tawni, I need some PI hardware please.
. Isn't this a great shot of their laps?

Friday, September 26, 2008

For Dice's Humans

Here's a video of Dice getting some toys out of the basket. He said he misses his mama! One week today he arrived to stay with us while his humans are in Germany. More pics to follow.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pool Time

Tonight was dinner at my house and the kids...and Ryan.... had fun swimming while Maria and I chatted. They weren't just swimming - Ryan was getting his exercise too. Click the pic to see it full size. Check out Ronan's face!
Check out that form... pointed toe!

Ronan got air! Nice tat. An eagle for an Egal. Love it.

Here are a few videos that I made for Riley and Ronan. Kids love the videos don't they! I didn't do so great filming ...next time I'll use the real video camera.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

John Prine at Ruth Eckerd Hall 9/19/08

NO PICS! Nope, no pics of the incredible show last night by John Prine with opening act Josh Ritter. John has a rockin' guitarist and love that bass player.
If you ever have the chance - - go see John Prine - - you won't be disappointed. If you don't know of John Prine and are interested:

Cool old videos of John:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_YrJABjYBE&feature=related (Happy Enchilada song lol)

This is how he looks now.... performing Souvenirs - a tribute to Steve Goodman. I love this song. He battled throat cancer a few years back and his voice is a little different...

Here's a little about Steve Goodman. He and John were best buds. They wrote and played together. Go Cubs Go:

This song brings tears to my eyes. I miss my grandparents. Say Hello to an elder today. You won't regret it.

Someone put this together to the tune of Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore:

Here's another similar to the last video and tied to Illegal Smile:

Here's a fun video of Iris Dement and John:

If you've never heard of Iris Dement... you are missing another great singer/songwriter.

If you didn't know any of the above, you might know this song covered by Bonnie Riatt, written by John:

Is that enough John Prine for you today? I could go on and on....

Next Friday.... Same Place.... LYLE LOVETT and JOHN HIATT woo hoo! acoustic...just the two of them. I'll ask Lyle to marry me again. smile

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ronan the Rockstar

Tonight was dinner at my house with the Egal family. Riley and Maria raced around the track on Mario Kart wii. Ronan played guitar before Ryan and I took him outside to chase Elsie around and play in the dirt.

The video isn't the greatest but the picture below IS the BEST!

Ladies Man

Monday, September 8, 2008

Elsie and Ollie

Almost everyday Elsie and her kitten Zoe play in the yard. This usually occurs early in the morning when they are all frisky. Zoe climbs the palm trees about 8 feet and then jumps down on or near Elsie... and she chases Elsie around the yard. One morning in Ohio when I took Elsie outside Ollie was in the grass and he did not know what do to.

So I had to take her again when I saw Ollie out there a few days later:

Hey Lady, throw some of that over here

A couple of years ago Mommy Marbles appeared in the back yard. My mom, who ALWAYS told us 'DO NOT FEED STRAY ANIMALS' started feeding her. Well, lo and behold, soon one cat was five. To make a long story short, I convinced mom to trap, alter, and release the cats. The kittens were the easy part. Before Marbles was trapped she got pregnant again and had another litter of 3-4 kittens. Feral cats don't have a long life span but they can reproduce at an amazing rate. I won't get on my soapbox but if you have any feral cats, the alter and release method is far better than euthanization. Anyhoo.... back to the original story.... Mom feeds these cats outside but they come to the kitchen window several times a day and she gives them turkey lunch meat. Yes, my mom buys turkey lunch meat for these cats. In fact, one day while I was there, we exhausted the supply and John made a special trip to Wal*Mart for a couple of pounds. No Joke. LOL She loves those cats and they love her. I'm digressing again.
I can't find pics of all of them but the colony includes Marbles, Ollie, Scamp, Boots, and a couple of others that I can't recall the names of right now. The black cat is Ollie and the tiger is Boots - the daddy of the kittens.

The board in the front of the pic is the window sill. This pic is taken with the window open. The cats will come to the sill and you can pet Ollie for a second but the he runs. The others are all totally feral. They are all at least two years old and have had this routine for that amount of time. No rehab for these felines.
Ok, again, back to the story.... so..... after watching the cats get this yummy turkey, Elsie quickly learned that she could get a little closer to the action via the back of the couch outside of the window in the Florida room.

Almost every time mom would open that window above the sink, Elsie would get in the window in the Florida room. A couple of times she walked the sill behind the curtain and poked her nose out by the microwave.

If you read my blog, you've seen this pic of mom before. I posted it again so you can see how the windows are in the house. Elsie loved that window. Kinda like her own drive-thru.

Hey Lady, throw some of that over here

A couple of years ago Mommy Marbles appeared in the back yard. My mom, who ALWAYS told us 'DO NOT FEED STRAY ANIMALS' started feeding her. Well, lo and behold, soon one cat was five.

Ain't this the truth?

Hey, put that dog back where you found her!

"I swear, I just found her in the backseat."
"Yeah, right. You can't take Elsie home with you Aunt Carole."
Elsie's number two fan, Aunt Carole, had fun visiting with us in Ohio too. We miss you!

Elsie favorite place at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Elsie loved the 'Florida' room. Was it because they call it a Florida Room and she was homesick or because there was always a spot of sunshine? I'm not sure but when she wasn't glued to me, she could be found following the spot around the room.

Everyone is on your blog except ME

Well, here ya go. Tracy in the spotlight. Upon request, this post will be immediately deleted. LMAO

Little York Tavern, August 2008

On another night we were able to get together at the LYT and play a little pool. It was great spending time with most of the family. Not pictured but present: Kathy Perfect and Sara Harvey. Kathy wasn't feeling too great (recent surgery) and Sara would NOT like to see the pic of her! Bad photographer. I'll get ya next time. smile
Maybe someday the other nieces and nephews will be there too. I miss all of you!

John Penney and Nick Harvey

Olivia Harvey What a face! I wish I could spend time with her as she grows.

Scott Perfect and Tracy Nagy

Gail Penney and Nick, Olivia's daddy

Tracy and Nick

Uncle, aunt, and nephew.

Pool Sharks! I didn't stand a chance playing pool that night. I drank instead.

We do not like our cousin Elsie

One exciting day during our trip to Ohio was Elsie meeting her cousins. Here is Lemieux telling Elsie just how he feels about her. These would make a great halloween card!

This is Lemieux and Gretzky's first look at their tiny cousin. You can kinda see Elsie in the reflection of the glass door.

Gretzky took to the top of the refrigerator and stayed until we were gone! Elsie is eating the cat food. (of course! the poor dog is starved)