Saturday, January 31, 2009

Damon Fowler CD release party - Skipper's Smokehouse

Last night there was high energy at Skipper's Smokehouse. It was freezing but after the music started the sweat began to flow.
Damon and bandmates were on hand to showcase the new CD (his fourth!). This is one of many CD release parties.
If you can make it out... come to Ringside Cafe next weekend and support your local music scene.

Damon and Chuck.

Damon in one of his 'o' moments. I love to watch Damon slide into his groove. Literally. Slide.
Damon and Ed Wright. Eddie co-wrote some of the songs on the new CD and joined Damon on stage a few times.

Damon sliding up and down the neck. Ooooooo

I posted 10 videos on You Tube. I'm headed there now to check them out. I couldn't sleep last night so I converted, compressed, and uploaded them at 4am....and then took a nap. I need to go preview now and delete the videos that are not worthy.

Scroll down if you want to read more about Damon.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Damon Fowler - SIGNED! Blind Pig Records

Last night I spent a little time with Damon at Sound Exchange in Brandon. His fourth CD is officially released.
Damon recorded and issued his first three CDs on his own with one being live, recorded at Skipper's.
Well, Blind Pig Records has signed him. How exciting for Damon!

I first saw Damon at Skipper's Smokehouse years ago playing the blues. Since then I have followed his career, stopping by a show every few months. Damon was frequently found in the Brandon area, hosting open jams, making music with his friends, and always smiling.

There is a CD Release party at Skipper's this Friday with other shows all over town. Next weekend you'll see me at the Ringside Cafe in St. Pete. Go Damon!

Promotional Poster (Damon hearts me!)

Damon and Shelley
Here we go steeler's, here we go!
Never heard of Blind Pig? Well, I bet you know some of the artists they have signed.

This pic is for Scott and Liz. Damon HEARTS Shelley....... grin

Totally stolen from his site:
Born and raised in Brandon, Florida just outside of Tampa, Damon first picked up the guitar at the age of 12. After being shown a few chords, it was apparent that he was a natural. While his friends were listening to the music flavor of the month, Damon was digging into the Blues, and was soon playing small clubs in and around the Tampa Bay area. Years later with thousands of shows behind him, you've got one of the most unique and seasoned acts on the national circuit.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Frost KILLS.. or at least maims

Last week my yard suffered back to back frost blows. As if the first night wasn't enough. This is what the gardens look like after a frost:

This was a large jade plant. I'm not so sure this will recover.

Here you have an assortment of fried bamboo, hibiscus, and others.

Two members of the ficus family, a rubber plant and fiddle leaf fig. Both toast. In between the two ficus you have the remains of a banana tree. The third variety of ficus, varigated weeping fig, didn't make it into the picture but a few of them are behind and to the right. They are toasted as well.

This is one of my favorite palms - A fishtail palm. It is usually dark green. It will survive but it is stunted. My bat lilies took a hit too. Way back in my blog I posted a pic of a bloom that finally appeared on the bat lily. Hopefully it will rise up.

A hedge of crotons.
Queen sago, plumeria, cardboard palm - all crispy.
What a disaster!
One of my favorite crotons ever. Underneath, at ground level, there are some 'normal' leaves. I'll be doing a severe prune on this soon. This was a beautiful specimen that greeted you as you walked to the front door. The large pot of mint/parsley/petunias in the top of the pic were not affected at all.
Just a big 'ol mess.
Can anyone say Miracle Grow and A LOT of Water? I'll post updates in a few months.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Home Invasions - Is it time to get a gun? Fred Eaglesmith would say 'Yes, it's time to get a gun'

Well, I just finished speaking with a member of our Sheriff's department. About an hour ago I noticed three patrol cars, one undercover car, and one canine unit parked in front of my house.
Here are the details:
1. Man tries to enter a home up the street and someone is in the house. I'm not sure if he knocked on the front door or not but he attempted entry in the back. The doors were all locked and then he ran when he saw someone.
2. Man knocks on my neighbor's door and she doesn't answer because she doesn't want to be bothered.
3. Man enters neighbor's home through open slider door. The screen room door was unlocked so he walked in and then walked into the back of the house.
4. Neighbor confronts the tall, slender, white male with shaved head wearing a black hoodie and he runs out the door he just entered.
5. Cops arrive and investigate. They find nothing.
6. Cops tell me that last week the robbers were successful on my street. They entered thru the back door of an unoccupied home. As soon as they determine no one is home, they kick in the back door. The scumbags have their partners-in-crime waiting somewhere near with a vehicle and then they put as much stuff as they can in the car and leave.

So, this happens everywhere, right? I live in what I thought was a nice, quiet neighborhood. The homes are older, there aren't a lot of kids. Folks are out and about.

I'm home all day with the 3 pound dog. I am known for leaving the sliders open for fresh air and easy cat entry/exit.

I'm freaking out now. I know no one will be back in this neighborhood today... but what about Monday?

I've decided that when/if someone knocks on my front door I'm just going to shout out 'not interested. go away' It seems that when someone is home, they leave.

I'm also going to continue to be very aware of cars that drive up and down the street. I'm not so sure what I'll do about my walks with and without Elsie. I don't want to be a prisoner in my home again.


Click here to listen:

Love Fred!

Perfect Pine Forest

When I bought this house, two of the big selling features were the two huge grandfather oaks in the front yard and the 50 undeveloped acres out back. Well, that soon changed. The land has been divided into one acre lots and the McMansions are being built. Only a few so far so that is a good thing.
The first year, just a couple of months after finally moving in... the series of hurricanes moved across Florida and one of the oaks split and fell on the corner of the house. Then, the second tree had to be removed because it was diseased. I didn't want that one falling on the garage and smashing all contents.
So, I've started my own personal pine forest in the front yard to compensate for the loss of my 'woods' out back and the two oaks.
There are 30 pines out front. If you're gonna go, go BIG!

Soon I'll post some pics of the back yard. I have planted 9 different species of clumping bamboo to help hide the McMansions and provide privacy for my yard. The homes aren't that bad I suppose. At least there are a variety of styles.

Vote for Me! Vote for Us! Help with Spay Programs

One Dollar earns us One Vote! Every dollar goes to a local program assisting with Spay Day.

Current Vote Amount for us: 35! yippee

The cutest dog in the world with her favorite playmate Dice the amazing Greyhound.

Elsie is three years old now... 21 in dog years...

She wouldn't open her eyes.... she doesn't like the flash and has learned to keep them closed after the first bright light.

James Hunter... kept us dancing to stay warm

When James Hunter comes to your town... I suggest you go to the show. He has a skintight band complete with two sax players. woo hoo

Note the space heater.... one back by the drummer too.

It was so cold...and James was so hot... he was steaming! You can see the steam towards the end of the video

Here's a little jam ... love the sax players.

More videos on You Tube.

Ryan Shaw at Skipper's Smokehouse 1/22/09 hot hot hot

Actually, it was very cold last night. Skipper's had all heaters fired up and we were all dressed like this was a show in Ohio. hee hee

What a voice. What a smile. What a personality. The whole package.

Nice shirt!

This is the sound guy. Damn, it is cold here.

More videos on You Tube.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Daisy's new digs

In my stamproom/office I have a bed for Princess Elsie. Yesterday Miss Daisy 'discovered' this bed and promptly passed out. Elsie was asleep in a chair in the other room.

Daisy doesn't like me to take her picutre.

After a little while Elsie strolled in to see what I was doing and was shocked to see Daisy in HER bed. When Elsie started to poke and yip at Daisy, I decided to bring in a second bed. Now I have two beds in the room and they sleep peacefully. Why can't they just share - like the pic at the bototm of this page. Yeah, right.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A few creations...

Below are two mini albums I recently created from an order. (thanks Tim!)

The first is one of our Original Inspiration books. This is for a grandma to put on her desk and will include pics of her first grandson. I love the dinosaur paper!

I made a similar book for the father of the baby boy but that book is spiral bound. He is serving our country and will have to carry the book in his duffle so I wanted it a little more durable...and masculine! Thanks to our troops. Be safe and speedy return to Rayden's daddy.
This is the 'other' view of the Inspiration Book. How about those Srabble tiles? It's ok Tracy, I didn't take them from the set we use. HA HA I buy old Scrabble games at garage sales and use the parts.
Sidebar: Does anyone have a Big Boggle game they aren't using? I really could use an 'official' version. Mine is put together from parts and it sucks. The company doesn't sell it anymore (duh) and there are some on ebay..guess I should just go buy my own! But I digress...(as usual)

This project included three albums - all similar except for the names on the front. The Dazzlers are a top-notch drill team at a school in Texas.
These books will be given to them at an awards ceremony this weekend.
The girls have plenty of spaces to put snapshots.

I thought I was clever with the letters 'dance' with the punched circles behind to kinda match the silver dots to the right.
Mrs. Watson is the director and I'm sure she inspires the girls every day. I nearly had a melt-down making the words for these pages but obviously I (and the cricut) survived.

More dots and of course a cut out of the Lonestar State.
Back cover.
Unfortunately bonehead me didn't take a pic of the completed book. But, imagine a ring in the corner with ribbons tied and you will see the finished product!
What can WE make for YOU? We love to create custom books and cards so send us your ideas.
I know you will be very happy with the results.
We will even work with your pictures if you want us to create a scrapbook from beginning to end.

Pinetop Perkins 1//9/2009, Skippers Smokehouse

Last Friday I was lucky to see Pinetop Perkins at Skipper's Smokehouse. He played two short sets while his band and another local band played the remainder of the evening. He's 95 years old and who cares if he repeated a song or two. smile.. If that was my 95 year old grandad up there I would said 'you play whatever YOU want'!
Mom and Aunt Carole told me Pinetop also recently played on the Kennedy Honors show. I missed that one but maybe it will be on as a re-run.
Pinetop Perkins what a cutie
Check out Tracy's link to see the GOOD pics of the show:

Broomball? Yes, Broomball :)

Check out sister's blog and her exciting weekend in Syracuse.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Best part is the band

Last night was one of those bowl games. It was a big deal around here. I went to Jessica Damico's home for a party and had fun watching those football fanatics get all excited about that pigskin. At half-time a couple said to me "here's your favorite part, Shelley" as the band played....
I wore the colors from my school and was told that was like wearing a Browns shirt to a Steelers game...but I didn't understand.

Joni and Shelley
I don't have a bright orange or blue shirt in my wardrobe. smile

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Eve - Rewind, Skipper's Smokehouse ..part deux

Tracy May took a few shots of us on NYE - how could he not... I bugged him enough :) What a guy.
Scott and Liz Lynch...and me... horning in on the NYE festivities. horning in, get it? Liz, horn, ok. I'll stop now.
One of the bands threw bubble gum to the crowd. When I saw Tracy unwrap a piece I convinced him to show the kid inside by blowing the biggest bubble possible.... and he actually let me take a few shots of him....with HIS camera! Under pressure... it isn't as easy as it would seem to be.... but still fun. I am such a PEST.
Isn't this just the cutest? I don't like being photographed but obviously the person behind the lens knows what he is doing... Three chicks at Skipper's.
To see Tracy's shots of the here:

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Daisy the greyhound cat tester

Daisy the boxing cat spent this morning cat-testing greyhounds.

Members of the greyhound rescue walk the greys out one by one and bring them to Daisy. The rescue must determine which dogs are suitable for placing in a home that may also be home to a small animal.

This is Eva the beautiful grey kitty. I think she is a Maine Coon. She was so loveable and easy going. I think she really likes the dogs nuzzling her. contrast to Daisy the boxing kitty. She growls when they get within 3 feet of her and goes for the KO finish.