Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Peabody Ducks at the Peabody Hotel, Memphis, TN

Sun Studios - clowning around with the mic

Fun on Beale Street

I think this might be my favorite photo from Memphis:

Imitation Elsie on Beale street with the big chicken

Graceland . . . random shots

Everybody (almost everybody) enjoyed some special ELVIS ice cream. It was hot and they were hungry.

The marker and the famous wall.
At the gate.

Tracy, Liz, and John leave their mark on the graffiti wall at Graceland

Imitation Elsie visits Graceland again and leaves her mark on the graffiti wall outside

The first room seen on the tour is the white living room with the music room in the background. Oh yeah, and those peacock stained glass windows. The blue curtain shrouds the upstairs. No one goes upstairs (except Lisa Marie of course!). After you walk through the dining room and kitchen you go downstairs and see the TV room fashionably decorated in bright yellow, royal blue, and white with mirrors everywhere. Elvis wanted to watch more than one channel at a time so he had three TVs installed. This room also includes a bar area.
Across the hall from the TV room is the pool room. The walls and ceiling are covered in fabric. Its very dark.The jungle room awaits at the top of the stairs.
After you've seen the inside of Graceland you head to the office and then to the racquetball building. On the stairway leading to the court the intials EP greet you.
The court is transformed into an incredible display of records and quite a few of his costumes

After Tupelo, IE headed to Graceland Too in Holly Springs, MS

There's this interesting place in Holly Springs known as Graceland Too. The owner of this spectacular home is a very dedicated ELVIS fan. His museum is open 24 hours a day and admission is just $5. What a deal. Knock on the door and you can take a gander at all the stuff he's hoarded, uh, collected, over the last who-knows-how-many years.Unfortunately he didn't answer the door when we visited. We waited a few minutes between loud bands on the black, spray-painted door. We asked the neighbors and were told he had visitors until late in the night. Maybe he was sleeping.
IE and the gang were very, very disappointed that they could not get into this place and have vowed to return again. IE plans on doing it with the next year at least. He has a few cars in the side yard behind heavily fortified fencing.
Here's a short video shot walking along Graceland Too.

Paul Thorn Band - Elvis Festival, Tupelo, MS June 5, 2010

Paul brought his parents on stage and they sang a couple of gospel songs together. His parents have been singing together since they were teenagers. Paul's father is a preacher and Paul recalls singing at a very early age at revivals with his family.
Doug Kahan, Paul's bass player. Unfortunately this was Doug's last show. He will be missed but I wish him the best of luck with his exciting new plans for his future.
After the show we had to say hello to Paul. Links to a few videos shot at the festival:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyfKXPgHRRs - Ain't Love Strange - with family at Elvis Festival Tupelo 060510
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBJ14M3Do_s - Mission Temple Fireworks Stand with family at Elvis Festival

Birthplace of Elvis with the Penneys

The Penneys drove from Dayton to Tupelo and now we are a party of five! Here are the girls posing with Young Elvis at the birthplace site.

Imitation Elsie hangs out at the ELVIS festival - Tupelo, MS

IE spends time at the coolest places and has so much fun. Here she is posing before the huge banner that greets you when you get to Tupelo. This is the image found on the back of the t-shirts sold at the festival this year.

Imitation Elsie visits the birthplace of ELVIS - again!

This is one of the many floral memorials found in the modern chapel at the birthplace.
See that tiny speck on the corner of the porch? That's IE sitting there. This church was moved to the grounds.
Around the original home you will find markers with a note from various years.

Imitation Elsie visits Birmingham

IE is in Birmingham, Ala-BAMA!IE loved the variety she found at the Original Pancake House.

The girls head out for a Paul Thorn Band double-header . . .

First stop... Birmingham! We could not get the Camaro for less than 200 so we settled for the SOUL MOBILE!After a nap and some pool time we headed to the restaurant for a few drinks and some dinner. Then we were off to the Work Play Theatre for the first Paul Thorn Band show.

Paul and Doug Kahan
Jeffrey Perkins preparing for the show:
Intense Jeffrey:

Jeffrey, Shelley, and Liz after the show: