Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ice dye - lesson learned

100 % cotton is best and I thought I read the label... Well, I did read the label but obviously I missed the 50% polyester on the long sleeved T-shirt tag. It is pretty but the colors are not as vibrant as the 100% cotton items. Very muted.  I'm sure after it is washed and dried a few times it will really be boring.

I have two more of these 50/50 to play with and I will post pictures someday. Also I'm going to try not to use as much black going forward. It never looks like there's enough dye so I add more. I need to hold off on the dark colors a little bit I think.

Next up are two 100% cotton kids shirts. I need to go see what I can find at ECHO! Soon I will dye my three table covers.

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