Friday, February 26, 2016

Cayamo - Day 2

Day 2 started with a lot of socializing in the cafe with friends. Then we were off to the first bonus show with Foy, Angeleena, and Paul. We were in the third row or so and Barbara and her friend sat behind us. Sam and his wife Cindy were nearby as were Sean and Tracy. Many of the people around us had not seen or heard of these three. Some knew paul but not foy, etc. Foy blew them all away. I wish they could have played another hour or two but there were other performers waiting for the stage. Unfortunately this show was a total contrast with Mingo Fishtrap's first show on the boat. Not one of us Mngo fans left the Unlikely Trio show! Mingo would have to wait.

From the unlikely trio I (probably ran to the cafe again but I can't remember) went to see JohnnySwim in the Spinnaker. I spent a lot of time in the Spinnaker. I really liked JS. I didn't get the chance to see them in Tampa before the boat and regret not going. I also didn't get to see them again ON the boat but was happy I caught the first show.

After JS I went to the pool deck to catch a little of Sugar and the Hi-Lows. I was not familiar with them but enjoyed their show and the weather was beautiful. Their guitar player IMHO wins the award for the coolest guitar on the boat. I learned later in the week (at the buddy and jim show) that the two leads in this band have written many songs that are used in the TV show Nashville. They also have other hit songs and are popular songwriters in the city of Nashville. Buddy Miller promotes them and they were guests on the Buddy and Jim show that was recorded Saturday. Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale have a SIrius Radio show and they have this tradition of recording a session on the boat and then it plays the next week on the digital radio.

I'm rambling and need to move on.

Back to the Spinnaker for Shawn Mullins. I always enjoy Shawn. I don't get to see him off the boat because it seems like his shows are in venues far away and the tickets seem very expensive. He's worth it, I just never go! Bad Shelley.

After Shawn I'm sure there was a feeding and then I went to the pool deck to catch a little of Kacey Musgraves (and her electric cowboys). I really liked Kacey's first record a couple of years ago and the second one is good too. The electric cowboys and other stage stuff might get old after a while but I thought it was cool seeing them in the dark, under the stars, with warm air, on the calm seas.

Then LANGHORNE SLIM! He has been a favorite of mine since I saw him open for the avett brothers a few years ago. For that first time, it was just him and a bass player on stage. Then I saw him two more times in Tampa with a full band and was even more fascinated. On the boat, it was just him and his guitar. I was enthralled. Liz and I sat in the front row. Barbara was behind us with her friend. I cannot even describe LS. You have to see him live and listen to his stories and watch him twitch, shake his head, and shout 'can i get a hell yeah' … then… you too will fall for LS. Check out the Stetson special Langhorne Slim hat and story. I REALLY covet that hat and should just buy it but some people have told me it is too big for my head. it is a hat for a man. whatever. Dear reader, if you look at the hat, actaully take the time to google and find it - let me know what you think. LS told me I would ROCK THAT HAT. His words. Of course he wants to sell a hat… but I believe him.

After Langhorne I cannot remember what I (we) did. We had a small group of 12 or so and sometimes we'd all go eat, go to a show, meet back later, etc. etc. We roam all over that boat and see what we can see, hear what we can hear, and always get ice cream or SOMETHING!

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  1. I googled the hat
    Almost $200
    I didn't read all particulars but I feel you could find one your size! Interesting trip story.